Adopting a Friend

Some of our animals at the shelter are listed on this site. Most dogs and cats can be seen at the kennel but some, in foster homes, need to be seen by appointment. Some of our animals may have special needs as well, so for this reason we urge you to read each description carefully and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pet selection is a valuable and free service we provide to the public. Our placement services are committed to obtaining a careful match between our animals and their prospective owners. Pet selection is at the heart of a lasting bond between pet and owner. Consider this distressing fact: of every 7 pets acquired this year (whether adopted from shelters, purchased from pet stores or breeders, taken in response to free to good home ads), only ONE IN SEVEN of those pets will remain in that home for the rest of its life!! Careful and informed pet selection is at the heart of building a strong and lasting relationship between pet and owner. It also reduces a lot of disappointment and pain associated with improper placement of a pet.

To ensure that we can visit and follow-up on all pet placements, our placement radius from our shelter is usually 25 to 30 miles. The process for applying for a pet from our shelter is summarized below.

After a family has decided, with the assistance of our adoption counseling staff, what type of pet would best fit in their home, they are then introduced to the pets at our shelter that best match their needs.

Potential pet owners are asked to fill out a written (application) questionnaire that is reviewed by our volunteer placement personnel. Full disclosure of the pet’s medical and behavioral history is provided, and the family’s lifestyle and expectations for the pet are discussed. If the match between human and pet seems appropriate, a trained placement volunteer will set up an appointment for an in home visit for which the whole family (both human and other) is requested to be present.

The family is then educated about the proper care and any special needs their prospective pet may have and the shelter’s policies. After careful discussion, if the match seems suitable, then the pet is scheduled for pickup at the shelter, at which time the adoption contract is signed.

A clause in the adoption agreement requires return of the animal to the kennel if, at anytime during the animal’s life, the owner is unable to properly care for the animal or if either party is unhappy with the arrangement. Returns to the shelter are a priority and are honored for the natural life of the adopted pet.

Follow-up advice on training and behavior, medical matters, and special concerns are always available, and the family is welcome to attend the many functions held by the shelter throughout the year.