Many people who love animals cannot have one in their homes due to various reasons such as allergies, lease restrictions, space, etc. There are others who already have pets and cannot add to the pet population in their homes or some people live out of the area but have expressed an interest in helping the pets in our shelter.

We have a wonderful program at the shelter entitled “Take a Pet To Dinner.” This program enables a person to sponsor a dog or cat currently living at the kennel and to become that pet’s “special person.” The sponsor will receive a photo and story about their pet and will receive periodic updates about their chosen pet. What a great feeling knowing your sponsorship is making a difference in the life of your special pet! If your pet finds a loving home of its own, we will assign a new needy pet to you, or you can choose a new pet to “take to dinner.”

If you are interested participating in this wonderful program, a sponsorship form with more information is available to download here.