Tails of Hope: The Newsletter of Animals In Distress, Coopersburg, PA


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In the lobby area of our shelter, right where you enter the front door, is a carved wooden plaque that reads “Peace to all who enter here.” When this was donated, we set the plaque aside because it captured the essence of what we try to offer the animals we rescue: a safe and loving environment where broken bones and broken hearts can heal.

So many of the animals we rescue have incredibly sad stories, and those animals cannot just toss all their pain and sadness aside and move on. They need time, love, and good care so they can find the strength and inner peace to move forward, trusting once again in a world that has betrayed them multiple times.

Healing requires time, and peace. Many visitors to Animals in Distress have expressed how relieved they were to find their visit to us both positive and healing. Instead of confronting desperate and pathetic animals without hope or quality of life, they see animals who have a true home where they are cherished. The great irony, and miracle, is that people also feel the peace and positive energy of our sanctuary, for we are first a sanctuary where nothing bad will happen to those who enter our doors.

Our commitment to our friends and supporters is that every dollar donated will be used strictly for the care of the animals whose lives we have saved. Our work requires huge veterinary and animal care costs, since we do our best for every animal rescued, regardless of age or medical challenges or imperfections like sight, mobility, or behavioral challenges.

Our commitment is unconditional, both to these animals AND to the people who make our work possible. Your support, your prayers, and your faith in our mission literally make miracles possible.

This newsletter contains several examples of animals whose lives were saved because of YOU. Details about our WAEB 790AM Radiothon, our biggest fundraising event of the year, are also included.

These animals are safe at our sanctuary. They would thank you, if they could, for giving them a chance to know hope, love, and peace.


When a litter of tiny kittens was discovered in tall grass, with the mother cat no longer around, some people had no choice but to gather them up. The kittens were only a couple of days old and totally helpless: eyes pasted shut, umbilical cords hanging, body temperature dropping…they needed help immediately.

Anyone who has ever taken care of kittens this young knows the time and knowledge involved in bottle-feeding them every two hours around the clock. Keeping them warm since they cannot regulate their body temperature, stimulating them to go to the bathroom, and checking them for signs of disease and parasites must also be part of the routine.

Sadly, there are no guarantees of success despite the rescuer’s best efforts.

No words can describe the desperation and sadness felt as kitten after kitten dies; some seem to be doing well for several days and then, suddenly, start to show signs of distress, crying out or silently shutting down. Some kittens die quietly and quickly; some fade slowly for a few hours, and some cry out pathetically.

Such was the fate of the 5 kittens in the litter in question. At first, they looked like they all might survive, but 4 perished in the first 10 days after being rescued. Heartbreaking beyond words.

BUT one little kitten survived. She beat the odds and held on long enough for her body to grow stronger. She was named Little One by foster mom Rose Yanger, and she will be at Radiothon Sunday, July 21. Please come and meet her. She will remind you that each life is worth fighting for, that each life is precious. And that miracles are possible, with our help.


The poet’s words in the title capture the ideal that a couple of young lovers will grow old together, enjoying a growing relationship that will only get better as years go by; their love will deepen and become even more wonderful and satisfying. Sadly, the reality for many seniors is just the opposite these days.

It’s tough getting old. It’s even tougher when no one cares what happens to you. Such is the situation for many senior animals: their health declines due to lack of care and proper nutrition. Their bodies start to show the ravages of their years, and they are often -too often – discarded. Dropped off at shelters, abandoned along the road, locked away in abandoned buildings – these poor souls are doomed in most cases. Even shelters consider them unmarketable: after all, with so many cute puppies and playful young dogs, why spend resources on senior animals who probably won’t get adopted?

Such was the case with a tiny Yorkshire terrier we rescued. He was found along a road outside of Emmaus, a skeleton covered in matted and filthy fur. He needed immediate medical attention and was rushed to the hospital. Such rescues are risky for us because we never know what is wrong with the animal. We never know what we are facing in terms of veterinary costs, behavior, and prognosis. What we do know at such times is that if we do nothing, that animal is doomed. After so much suffering, after so much betrayal by humans, that animal would have no hope without us  and YOU.

Scrappy was suggested as a name by the hospital staff, since the little dog was fighting so hard to stay alive despite being severely anemic, and having a skin infection and rotten teeth and many other health issues. The dog wanted to live, and the hospital staff fought hard for him. One vet tech in particular took a special interest in him and offered to continue his care at home as a foster mom. She fed him several small meals a day, kept his body temperature up, and in countless ways provided medical care and, perhaps most importantly, she loved and believed in this little dog.

Despite enormous odds against him, Scrappy has survived. And best of all, he was adopted by his foster mom Angie and her wonderful family. He has been re-named Pappy. He, like so many other senior animals we have rescued, will live out his later years with dignity and love. Getting old should not make anyone less valuable or lovable. Getting old is not a crime. Neither is homelessness or being abandoned by those who should love you. Why should anyone, animal or human, be de-valued because of old age?

So many of our senior animals have been adopted. So many still wait for loving homes. Until they find those homes, they are loved and cared for at our sanctuary.

A child wrote us a thank you note after a school visit to our sanctuary. In large printed crayon letters, the hand-printed card said: “Thank you for bringing the animal inside where they are safe and loved.” Such a beautiful way of expressing what we do, with your help: the messages we teach children by how we treat others, including animals, are the messages that will determine what kind of adults they become. When children visit our sanctuary, they see what unconditional love and kindness can do to save lives and give hope. That message can make them kinder and more caring adults. Our Kennel of Hope touches the lives of animals AND of people of all ages, thanks to your support and love. We, together, are making the world a better place for all of us,


Monday through Friday, July 15 – 19

Listen to our WAEB 790AM Radiothon on the Bobby Gunther Walsh Show, which airs weekdays from 5:00 to 10:00 am. Listen at these times for latest news, prizes, events, and rescue updates. Phoned in pledges can be made all through the show, at the number announced by Bobby. It is crucial that many people call in and support this major fund raising event.

Pledge line in the studio: 610-841-4999

AID President Lois Gadek will be calling in each hour during the week, with stories of rescues and other matters related to why donations are urgently needed. In the studio will be various pets and their handlers (some are people who have adopted from us, and some are people who work with our sanctuary residents and volunteer their efforts in so many ways). Service Electric’s Channel 50 carries Bobby’s show live, so you can actually see the pets in the studio. You can also check Gunther’s website at WAEB.com, and our website at animalsindistress-pa.org for updates.


Over the weekend, July 21 and 22, Bobby will be on air live with appeals and announcements at intervals in the regularly scheduled broadcasts. During the weekend, pledges will be taken by phone at 610-967-4417, from 8 am to 6 pm, as well as in person at our sanctuary.

SAT & SUN 8am-6pM


Continental Breakfast with COFFEE & DONUTS

at Animals In Distress Sanctuary
Saturday, July 20
Starting at 8:00 am

The Basket Social and Silent Auction continue through Sunday at 4:00 pm.
The Craft and Gift Bazaar starts on Saturday morning and continues through Sunday at 4:00 pm.


Basket Social and Silent Auction

at Animals in Distress Sanctuary
July 20 and 21, from 8 am to 4 pm.

Baskets and items should be delivered to the sanctuary by 12 pm on Thursday, July 18.
Phone 610-966-9383, ext. 8, if you have questions or need to make arrangements to get your donations to us before Saturday, July 20.



Saturday, July 20
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Neighbor Home & Garden Center
38 Main Street
Hellertown, PA

Stop by, meet Bobby, make a pledge.



Saturday, July 20
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

6346 Farm Bureau Rd.
Allentown, PA

Stop by, meet Bobby, make a pledge.


Continental Breakfast with COFFEE & DONUTS

at Animals In Distress Sanctuary
Saturday, July 20
Starting at 8:00 am

The Basket Social and Silent Auction continue through Sunday at 4:00 pm.
The Craft and Gift Bazaar starts on Saturday morning and continues through Sunday at 4:00 pm.


Delicious Breakfast and Picnic LUNCH

at Animals In Distress Sanctuary
Sunday, July 21, starting at 8:00 am

Breakfast from 8:30 – 11:30
Hot picnic/lunch 12:30 – 3:00

Tune in from 1:00 to 3:00 pm for a 2-hour live broadcast from our shelter, thanks to ResQ products.

Live broadcast from 4:00 to 5:00 pm is sponsored by Don Wenner of DLP Realty & Don Wenner of Capital Partners.

The Basket Social and Silent Auction continue until 4:00 pm.

The Craft and Gift Bazaar is open until 6:00 pm.

Live entertainment all day by Dennis Krause of Sound Surge.

Special thanks to Ironton Telephone Company for providing the extra lines for the pledges at the station and at our shelter. And thanks to Vinart Pet Friendly Auto Dealerships for sponsoring the Radiothon and the food being served at Sunday’s events. Hot dogs are provided by Yocco’sSmokin’ Smitty’s Catering will prepare that food – everything they server is super!


The Power of Challenge Hours

The Power of Your Donation is multiplied when you offer a $500 Challenge Hour

Much of the success of our Radiothon is finding Challenge Hours money. Basically, when someone donates money for a challenge, the understanding is that the listeners are urged to donate an amount equal to or greater than the amount of the challenge, and must do so within the stipulated time. Challenges stimulate calls and provide some important funding.

In addition, Challenge Hours have been subsidized by families who have adopted pets and by people who want a memorial to honor a deceased loved one. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who has adopted a pet from us over the years would offer a donation (or Challenge Hour money, if you prefer) in honor and/or in memory of their pets? There is no more fitting way to honor a special pet’s gifts of Love and Companionship to us than by helping those who need help, and hope.

To offer a challenge, please contact us by email at aidpa@enter.net, call Rose Yanger at 610-759-2819, or by mail at:

    Animals In Distress
    P.O. Box 609
    Coopersburg, PA 18036

You can also donate to the Radiothon by returning the donation coupon in our printed newsletter.


A good time was had by all at our 42nd Alumni Day on June 2. This Homecoming was called a Love Fest by one volunteer because of all the positive energy from people and their pets.

Our volunteers, coordinated by Kelly Hartnett, worked tirelessly to provide the food, basket social, fun and games, and hospitality for the day as well as run the Laps of Love Walkathon around our property. Music was again provided by Donna Fisher and Friends, and the Lehigh Valley DreamWeavers Dog Agility group gave impressive demonstrations of the training they have done. Very special participants were former Animals in Distress dogs who were demonstrating their intelligence and training, showing that champions can be found among the dogs lucky enough to be rescued and then adopted by devoted and loving owners. Shelter animals aren’t less worthy or less intelligent than pricey and pampered dogs: they just need a chance to excel!

Special thanks to everyone who attended or helped to make this event a success. As you look at the collage of the events of the day (photos thanks to Anita Bielecki), you will see many animals who were once rescued by us, and are now loved in their homes. You have read their stories in our newsletter. You have made their rescue possible. If you ever want tangible proof that every life is precious, and that everyone deserves a second chance despite limitations and broken dreams, just think about the animals in the collage and the 350+ animals now in our sanctuary and the thousands of animals we have rescued over the past 42+ years.

Some of these rescued and now adopted animals who attended the event are listed here:

Anton – a cat who came to us paralyzed. He miraculously regained use of his legs after many months, and now proudly attends many of our events—walking fearlessly among the people and dogs as if he were royalty. This remarkable cat would have been euthanized by most because he was paralyzed. But with time and hope and love, he is truly a miracle.

Buddy B – a senior beagle who came to us with a huge mass ad well as old, untreated injuries. After medical treatment and surgery to remove the huge mass, he was adopted by a family who gives senior dogs a home and a second chance.

Theodore – a high energy but loving retriever who lost his home through no fault of his own. Recently adopted and doing super well.

Nala – puppy rescued with a horribly infected umbilical hernia that was truly life threatening. She was dying. After extensive surgery and recuperation, this sweet girl was adopted by a family who already had adopted another dog from us.


Eli and Pogo – two former AID dogs who performed like superstars as part of the Lehigh Valley DreamWeavers Dog Agility demonstrations. Keep in mind that the devotion of the owners who train dogs for agility is well above average, since such training takes a huge commitment of time, energy, and knowledge. Eli has a huge display of ribbons and other awards to prove his championship quality.


Always, always remember: none of these rescues and happy endings would be possible without YOU.


We know that you donate only to help needy animals. However, due to the generosity of the following business and individuals, we are able to offer these incentive prizes in various categories. This list is not inclusive, since more prizes will be added as the Radiothon progresses.

Donors of $100 or more are eligible for a drawing to
win one of these two fabulous prize packages:

Donors of $50 or more are eligible for a drawing to win one of the following prizes:

Donors of $25 or more are eligible for a drawing to win one of the following prizes:

To Our Out-of-Town Friends:

You can listen to our WAEB 790AM Radiothon from anywhere in the world
through “streaming” on the WAEB web site, WAEB.COM.
You can tune in to Gunther weekdays from 5:00 to 10:00 am.

The show can also be seen on Service Electric‘s channel 50.

Monday through Friday 5:00 to 10:00 am

Please patronize the businesses that support us. Some of these businesses have been friends of our shelter for more than 28 years, and we deeply appreciate their generosity in allowing us to raise funds that go totally to support the work that we do. Throughout this newsletter, you will see many names of businesses that are making this year’s Radiothon possible. When you visit them, thank them for their support of our Kennel of Hope.



JULY 18 – 22

Northamption Community College
Kopecek Hall
3835 Green Pond Road
Bethlehem, PA 18020

Based on a best seller, this children’s show features Sam, a 12 year old child, who searches for a flawless dog to enter in the town’s dog contest. Unable to find a canine that measures up, Sam must resort to taking the family dog, Max, who is less than eager to obey commands. A portion of tickets sales will be donated to Animals in Distress.

For tickets and more info, contact the NCC Theatre Dept. at 484-484-3412 or info@ncctix.org

Click here for more information about THE PERFECT DOG



Doggie Yappy Hour at Allentown Brew Works to benefit Animals In Distress: Tuesday, August 4, 2015at FEGELY’S BREWWORKS
TUESday, JULY 30
5:30 – 8:30 Pm

Fegely’s BrewWorks
812 W. Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA

Join us for a night of great brews, great food, and great friends (both human and animal)! A percentage of the proceeds will go to Animals In Distress.


Please make sure your best friend plays well with others. Bring proof of dog vaccinations and general vet information. Easy entrance with your pooch on Lumber Street which leads to the Patio.




1050 Ironpigs Way,
Allentown, PA 18109



Yard Sale to benefit Animals In Distressat ANIMALS IN DISTRESS
8:00 AM – 2:00 Pm (RAIN OR SHINE)

Animals In Distress
5075 Limeport Pike
Coopersburg, PA

You may rent a table space for only $10. Please bring your own table and canopy. Contact Kelly at 610-762-8553 with questions or to reserve a space. You really should stop by and take advantage of many great items we will offer, all at reasonable prices.
100% of the money raised will go to help the shelter animals, so you can shop without guilt!! Lunch will be available starting at 11:00 am.



at the Great Allentown Fair
FRIDAY, August 30

Miranda Lambert, the most awarded artist in Academy of Country Music history, along with The Great Allentown Fair have partnered with Animals in Distress for this promotion. Miranda’s love of pets drives this effort to help shelters care for the animals in their care.

Animals in Distress will be displaying a red wagon at the shelter until August 26. Anyone donating a dog gift, food, treats (no rawhide please), etc. will be entered onsite to win two tickets to Miranda’s “Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars” performance at The Great Allentown Fair on Friday, August 30! AID volunteers will be at the Fair’s box office the night of the show, collecting more donations to our shelter. Donors to the shelter on the night of the show will be entered to win a Meet & Greet for two with Miranda. So, look out for the red wagon and donate today!




8:00 am Shotgun Start
Registration 7:00 – 7:45 am
Rain or shine unless the course is closed

Entry fee:
If payment received by September 5th:
$75 per golfer or discounted $280 for complete foursome
If payment received after September 5th:
$80 per golfer
Payment Day of Tournament:
$85 per golfer

Entry includes:

  • Greens Fees, Carts, Goodies
  • Value Packs, Mulligans, Secret String and Pot of Gold available to purchase the day of the tournament
  • Food, Beer and Football afterwards at the Wescosville Fire Co. Social Hall
  • Golf and Raffle prizes will be awarded afterwards at the Wescosville Fire Co. Social Hall

Tournament Proceeds benefit Animals In Distress.

Presented by Wescosville Fire Co. Social Hall

Sponsored by:

  • Teecil
  • MyBallStamp
  • Rain Wedge

Download registration form here



1:00 PM- 4:00 PM

Animals In Distress
5075 Limeport Pike
Coopersburg, PA

Formal blessing is at 2:30 pm. Refreshment and the craft and gift bazaar will be available starting around 1:00 pm. All pets attending will receive a St. Francis of Assisi medal as well as an individual blessing.




Look for more details in the next newsletter. Start collecting sponsorship money now. Participants bringing in the most money will receive special prizes. Registration is at the marina at 10:30 am.