Tails of Hope: The Newsletter of Animals In Distress, Coopersburg, PA



Celebrating 40 Years: The Renewal of Spring, Life and Hope

Are you happy to see signs of spring? Most people are. It is understandable that most of us welcome signs of renewal and rebirth, especially after signs of darkness, decay, and death. We rejoice in having survived another winter (even though we “lucked out” this past winter), and we turn our thoughts to longer days, clear blue skies, and budding growth everywhere: flowers, grass, trees and shrubs are reassuring witnesses to he reality that LIFE s emerging from what appeared to be sterile and dormant earth.

As we experience such renewal, we need to reflect on what lessons Mother Nature has to teach us. The greatest wisdom is to be found in the natural world around us, IF only we will take the time to learn. Here at Animals In Distress, our 42 acre sanctuary is a daily reminder of rebirth and renewal. The fields and streams are full of new life, and wildlife emerges from every corner to bask in the sunshine and fresh air. We have dedicated our land to be a sanctuary for ALL who come, both human and animal. A place where Kindness and Peace are part of every day, and provide an environment of Renewal and Hope where wounds can heal and bad memories can be replaced with good ones.

One sign of spring is always our Pet Photos with the Easter Bunny. What a fun event? Perhaps the very best part is having so many people who have adopted from us come back with their adopted AID animal(s) to get E Bunny photos and, perhaps most importantly, to show off how happy their adopted pets are. NOTHING is better than seeing the animals we have rescued, and in many cases nursed back to health, coming “home” to our sanctuary for a visit. We are always so moved by how happy those former shelter animals are to see all of their old friends, and we love that the adopting families now feel part of the extended “family” of Animals In Distress staff, volunteers, adopters and supporters. Yes, SUPPORTERS? Remember that none of this could happen without YOUR HELP. You make our sanctuary possibly. You need to know that your support literally makes the difference between life and death. We cannot tell you that too often. YOU make miracles possible.

As we move through our 40th year of saving lives and modeling a truly compassionate respect for all creatures great and small, we are ever mindful of the journey our shelter has undergone in those 40 years. Struggle, worry, endless rescues, joyful adoptions, and lives…yes, it has been 4 decades of growth, service and dedication to the mission that started Animals In Distress: to save lives that would have little to no chance elsewhere, to respect and shelter the neediest and most desperate animals – the sick, elderly, very young, neglected, abused, homeless, to do all of this without ever asking for TAX dollars, to mobilize impassioned volunteers to do most of the non-animal care tasks so 100% of every dollar donated could go directly to animal rescue and care.

We have honored that mission and remained dedicated to doing the right thing for the right reasons. Has this been easy? No. Has it been worthwhile and important? Absolutely! And many people, who may never actually visit our shelter, have supported our mission with their donations, prayers, and kind wishes. We pray that they will continue to make our work possible. Please support our fundraisers, participate in special programs (like Take-A-Pet-To-Dinner, Redner’s tape receipts, aluminum can recycling, placing donation cans in businesses and your own home, become a member or a volunteer). The point is that it takes everyone – doing what they can – to make our next 40 years possible.

The pictures here are (on the left) a sweet Pomeranian named Gracie. When rescued, Gracie was missing an eye, but the Cimas thought she was beautiful regardless of that. The dog in the center is a former stray dog, Manny (shelter name was Mosser) with his girlfriend Sandy, both beloved and spoiled by the Jacobs family (who have adopted many animals from us over the years).. And the dog on the right is Odie, an abandoned, starving pit mix who has been adopted into a loving family where even the guinea pigs love him?

Gracie at Animals In Distress with the Easter Bunny     Manny and friend Sandy at Animals In Distress with the Easter Bunny     Odie at Animals In Distress with the Easter Bunny

Obviously this is a huge commitment on our part. To honor it, we have to keep ourselves able to deal with our returns, which puts a strain on our resources and available space. However, a promise is a promise…and these pets, and their adopting families, are all part of the Animals In Distress Family. And family means commitment, and commitment must be unconditional. Thank for allowing us to make that commitment, and for being a part of the Animals In Distress Family. Your support has allowed us to keep our promise to pets like Molly, Spencer, Gabby, Norm and Diana. They – and 350+ animals now in residence plus thousands who have been adopted – have a “home” here for as long as they need it.



We need your help in making all of our events and fundraisers a success. The money from such events – 100% of it – goes to support our rescue work. You can help in so many ways: get sponsored for the Laps of Love, set up a fundraiser (dress down day, collection food sale, etc.) at work or church or Scouts/club, donate your time or services, become a Take-A-Pet Sponsor, and so on and so on. Visit our page full of fundraising suggestions. Also check our web site for information on upcoming events, copies of the most recent (and past) newsletters, and lots of other neat things. In addition, you can now donate online at our web site. All information is kept totally secure, and we never share donor or mailing information with anyone.


If so, would you consider donating them to us? Volunteers Sally and Danny Searfass have set up an aluminum can recycling program that has raised over $3000 so far and would love to have your help in increasing that success. Cans should be rinsed out and dropped off at the shelter (at marked drop-off spot behind the storage building next to the shelter building). Email aidpa@enter.net or call 610-966-9383 and leave a phone message if need help getting the cans to us.


Sunday, June 4: 10:00 am

Registration starts at 10:00 am on Sunday, June 4, which is the same day as our Pets and People Party we call Alumni Day. The whole day will be a lot of fun for you and your dog (or cat), plus dozens of prizes. Get sponsorships now and bring them with you when you register. The entry fee is only $10 per person, with 100% of the proceeds going to help the shelter animals. Entrants bringing $50 or more in sponsorships will receive an AID t-shirt. You can download an entry form (coming soon), pick one up at the shelter, or even fill one out on the day of the event.

Also, Team Spook appreciates your support, even if you can’t attend. Just mail in your donation for Team Spook, and Spook will get the credit for that in his total . He wants to win, so he needs everyone’s help to build up his total. Spook wants people to know that he can still raise funds for the shelter even though he is now in Heaven.

Entrants will be eligible to win some really nice prizes, but mostly, they will know that they are helping the animals and having a great time as well. You won’t meet a nicer bunch of people (and animals) than you will during the Laps of Love and the Alumni Day events that follow.

CLICK HERE to download a sponsorship form.


Sunday, June 4: Noon – 4:00 pm

This annual event is like a big family gathering, where people (and their pets) can eat, socialize, play games, enter contests like a Pet Cake Walk or a Pet/Owner Lookalike Contest, catch up with old friends and make new ones… plus win some great items in our always fabulous basket social. (By the way, baskets are needed and can be dropped off by June 3 or brought to the event by noon.)

A memento of the day is our Commemorative Journal. Please consider taking out a listing in it, in honor or memory of a loved one, or as a tribute to someone, or as a way to share a favorite poem or photo. Business listings are also welcome. A special page for Spook will list Angels donating in his name. Just let us know that you want your name listed as one of Spook’s Angels.

Click here to download a Journal listing form.

Forms and donations must be received by May 17.



Prayers are desperately needed for a cat we took in over Easter weekend. His name is Thor, a black cat who is only about 2 years old. Poor Thor has seen much suffering and fear for such a young animal. He could barely move, and was closer to death than life, just lying there with faint breathing and overall weakness. The people who tried to help him were turned away by the places they contacted, with one hospital wanting $800 up front just to evaluate him and start basic treatment. The people could not pay that amount of money up front and knew that Thor would die slowly and horribly without help. Thor is now at our vet, fighting for his life. As of the writing of this newsletter, we don’t know if he will live. But at least he has a chance. At least he is getting fluids, and antibiotics, and care. We are praying for an Easter miracle. We find comfort in knowing that he has a chance now, all because of the people who make our work possible. Please keep him in your prayers.


JULY 10 – 16

Donations for Challenge Hours and for incentive prizes are needed now. Please contact us if you can help with either at aidpa@enter.net or call 610-759-2819. Donations during the on-air portion of the Radiothon are encouraged when people know that they can make every dollar they donate double or triple its value during these Challenge Hours.

PLEASE consider donating early so we can start with a good amount toward our final total. This is our biggest fundraiser and is essential to our ability to continue our work.


Terrie, rescued by Animals In DistressSometimes, the animals we rescue are those considered “unadoptable” by most shelters and rescues because they are elderly, and/or have health or behavioral problems. One such dog is a 6 year old Pomeranian/Poodle mix who had been diagnosed with diabetes. The elderly owner felt she could not provide the care the dog, named Terrie, needed and was advised by her veterinarian to euthanize the dog if she did not treat it. No person or rescue wanted a diabetic dog. No one would help.

How sad, on so many levels. Many animals are not “adoptable” in the eyes of many shelters and rescues, as well as individuals. And veterinarians usually expect and need to be paid for their services. Terrie is now on regular insulin and has been groomed. His urinary tract infection is being treated, and the long toenails curling into the pads of his paws have been trimmed back. Meet Terrie in person and see how “worth it” he is! Such a sweet and loving dog. He even “smiles” in appreciation of all the love and care he is receiving!


Here is an update on the two kittens we reported on in the last newsletter. As you might remember, the male kitten – Logan – had been rescued with horrible infections in both eyes, to the point where the one eyeball appeared ruptured. For a long time, he was hospitalized. The pressure built up in the one eye to the point that removing his eye was considered. He looked like something out of a horror movie. In keeping with our police of trying everything possible to relive suffering and save a life, we kept Logan hospitalized until he showed enough improvement to go into a foster home.

Logan’s sister Lindsey, who developed violent seizures about a week after the pair were hospitalized, was a big mystery. Did she have a brain infection? A tumor? A neurological deficit? Would she get better? The irony was that between seizures, she was happy and playful. She was tool little for a lot of diagnostics so our veterinary consultants decided to try medications to control her seizures. After a while, Lindsey was stable and actually seizure-free enough to join her brother in a foster home. May weeks have passed, and reports of how well these kittens are doing are so encouraging. Logan will be blind, of course, but his blindness doesn’t stop him from following his foster mom Kelly all over the house, despite the many other cats (2 of whom are also blind) who live there. Lindsey is a typical mischievous kitten, full of spunk and high energy. She is very petite when compared to her brother, so we are monitoring her growth rate, but have no real concerns about her at this point. She will remain on seizure control meds for an unspecified amount of time, but has had no seizures since she started the medication.

After all, a blind animal can have a quality life. A diabetic animal can be managed and life a happy life. An elderly animal can be kept comfortable for several years. And animals with broken spirits and broken hearts can learn to love and trust again.

Logan, rescued by Animals In Distress

Logan says thanks for giving him a second chance.

Lindsey says she's feeling great. No seizures. Just playtime with her brother Logan!

Lindsey says she’s feeling great. No seizures. Just playtime with her brother Logan!

Here are some photos of these two kittens, whose lives were saved because of people who support our work. Miracles like these don’t happen because we wish them to. They happen because we do everything possible to allow miracles to happen…and that includes specialized veterinary care, rehabilitation, and of course, unconditional love and acceptance.




Spook at Animals In DistressFrom up here in Heaven, I watch what happens to needy animals like Logan and Lindsey. Most people don’t want to be bothered with us little guys: we are often sick or injured, so little that we have to be nursed, struggling to breathe or to maintain our body temperatures. Often such animals are loaded with infection, parasites (yuck – I HATE fleas and ticks and maggots and intestinal worms. Look, I KNOW they’re God’s creatures and all that BUT when they start sucking the life out of starving and sick animals, I draw the line.)

If not for Animals In Distress, I would never have survived for as long as I did. If not for Animals In Distress, animals like Lindsey and Logan would not have a chance. If not for Animals In Distress – and it’s 40 years of dedication to helping the most hopeless and friendless of animals – thousands of lives would have been thrown away.

I know that YOU make all this possible, and I love you for caring about all of us. Without YOU, pets like Logan, Lindsey, Terrie and so many more have NO chance. PAWS UP to you for being the kind of purrson who makes miracles possible at Animals In Distress.

Love, Spook



  • And God Created Dog by Bill BellDesigner Alexander Wang handbag
    (valued at $600-$700 from Bergdorf-Goodman in New York)
  • Framed 30×30 print by Bill Bell entitled “And God Created Dog”
    (valued at $320)
  • Other artwork of various kinds
  • ESG Swiss designer men’s watch (valued at $800)
  • Sterling silver necklace with heart and paw pendant
  • Gift certificates
  • Collectibles

In honor of our 40 years, we would like to share with our friends a chance to win some of the wonderful, and VALUABLE, items that have been donated to us over the past few years.

These items include art, sculpture, designer clothing and accessories, expensive jewelry, and other such goodies.

There will be a total of 40 prizes, spread across 4 separate raffles. The Spring Raffle drawing was  held at our Bingo on April 23. Our summer Raffle drawing will be during Radiothon Sunday on July 16. The Fall Raffle drawing will be at the Blessing of the Animals or the Wag Walk (dates to be confirmed later). The Holiday Raffle drawing will be held in mid December.

Several of the prizes have a value of at least $100 and most are worth upwards of $500 to $1000!

There will be 10 prizes per raffle, for a total of 40 in all four raffles – in other words, one prize for every year we have been saving animals!

Due to the high value of these prizes, the raffle tickets will be $5 each, or 3 tickets for $10.

You can download and send in your tickets or visit the shelter.

Click here to download raffle tickets.

Please bring your tickets to Animals In Distress or mail them to:

Animals In DIstress Summer Raffle
P.O. Box 609
Coopersburg, PA 18036

Summer Raffle tickets must be received before Sunday, July 16.


Please participate in our fundraisers and help us raise the funds necessary to continue to do our work. Our monthly costs are climbing at an alarming rate, and we are deeply concerned about this. All creatures great and small deserve our Love and a second chance. And with your love and support, we can continue to save lives and bring hope to those who are forlorn and afraid.

Our greatest fear is that we will one day lack the resources to help pets like Logan, Lindsey, Terrie, Thor and so many others who would have little to no chance elsewhere. We have never taken one dollar of “public” money from local, state or federal governments, and rely solely on our incredible volunteers, fundraisers, and your donations for everything that we can accomplish.

Every dollar matters. Thank you for 40 years of support and for your faith in a kinder, more loving world.



Sunday, June 4
Noon to 4:00 pm

At Animals In Distress
5075 Limeport Pike
Coopersburg, PA 18036

Set this date aside now. Enjoy live music, games, a basket social and much more.

Commemorative Journal listings due by May 17. A special page for Spook’s Angels will list the names of people who select to be an Angel in Spook’s memory and honor.

The Journal listing order for is available for download here or get one at Animals In Distress.



Sunday, June 4
10:00 am

At Animals In Distress

This event will be a lot of fun for you and your dog (or cat). Get sponsorships now. Also Team Spook appreciates your support, even if you can’t come. Just mail in your donation for Team Spook, and Spook will get the credit for that in his total.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a registration form (coming soon) or pick one up at the shelter. Start collecting sponsorship money now!



Tuesday, May 23
7:00 pm

At Animals In Distress

Applications and guidelines can be found by clicking here or they can be picked up at the shelter!



Saturday, June 17
1:00 – 7:00 pm

At Sleepy Cat Winery
1840 W Allen St.
Allentown, PA 18104

Snacks will be provided by The Sticky Pig.

Our shelter gets a percentage of food, wine and fashion sales. More details coming soon!



Starts Monday, July 10
Final event at the shelter Sunday, July 16

Donations for Challenge Hours and for incentive prizes are needed now. Please contact us if you can help with either at aidpa@enter.net or call 610-759-2819. Donations during the on-air portion of the Radiothon are encouraged when people know that they can make every dollar they donate double or triple its value during these Challenge Hours. PLEASE consider donating early so we can start with a good amount toward our final total.



Doggie Yappy Hour at Allentown Brew Works to benefit Animals In Distress: Tuesday, August 4, 2015Tuesday, August 15
5:30 – 8:30 pm

Allentown BrewWorks
1840 W Allen St.
Allentown, PA 18104


Doggy Yappy Hour is back at the Allentown Brew Work’s Biergarten Patio!

Join us for a night of great brews, great food, and great friends (both human and animal)!

Man’s Best Friend: His Dog or His Beer?

We say, “Why choose?” Bring your buddy along to Doggie Yappy Hour every Tuesday from 5:30pm-8:30pm for you and your best friend on the Biergarten Patio at the Allentown Brew Works.

Every time the ‘Yappy Hour Special’ is ordered, the purchase price will be donated to Animals In Distress.

Yappy Hour Drink & Beer Features

100% of proceeds from the following will be given to this week’s charity, Animals In Distress:

Fegley’s Knuckleball
Steelgaarden Wit
Fegley’s Amber Lager
Pawn Shop Porter

Red Sangria – Weekly sangria special
White Sangria – Weekly sangria special

Doggy Yappy Hour is a weather permitting event.

Please make sure your best friend plays well with others. Bring proof of dog vaccinations and general vet information. Easy entrance with your pooch on Lumber Street which leads to our Patio.