Tails of Hope: The Newsletter of Animals In Distress, Coopersburg, PA


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Mother’s Day Reflections from Spook

Spook at Animals in DistressSince Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought we should talk about some moms, and the bond they have with their babies. I lost my family after I became paralyzed and was taken in by Animals In Distress, so I never knew what it would have been like to grow up with a mother. However, I have gotten an idea by watching what goes on at our shelter. Even though I am now in Heaven, I keep an eye on my home at Animals In Distress. I will never forget how kind everyone was to me there…never. So I am always there.

Recently, the kind folks at Animals In Distress rescued a mother cat with a 6 day old kitten. The other kittens in the litter had already died after only living a few days. The owner of this sad cat had moved out and left the mother cat, very pregnant, locked in the house with no food. The poor cat was literally eating the kitchen sponge in order to have something in her stomach! Here in Heaven we cannot understand how anyone could be so cruel and heartless as to abandon the pets who had come to trust them and depend on them for their very survival.

esther-bunnyAnyway, we named the mother cat Esther, and her surviving baby Bunny, to reflect the Easter season during which this story was happening. Obviously the mother cat’s wasted condition and lack of nutrition could have been major factors in her kittens’ inability to survive. Due to the life and death circumstances, with no time to waste, the kind folks at Animals In Distress took Esther and Bunny in and got immediate veterinary care for the little “family.”

Esther had fleas and was loaded with tapeworms, but those bloodsucking parasites (I HATE them!) could only be partially treated due to the risk of insecticides with the baby.

Both Esther and Bunny are now safe. Esther is devoted to her baby, like moms usually are, and can rest easier now that she has enough to eat and she and her baby are safe from predators, starvation, and the weather. (By the way, I have a special fondness for Esther and Bunny. They are both light orange tigers like me!). The picture of Esther and Bunny was taken about 4 days after they were rescued. Bunny’s eyes were starting to open when the picture was taken (we kittens open our eyes at 7 to 10 days). I am so grateful that Bunny’s eyes will see a safe place to grow up with her mother caring for her. She will see kind faces, hear soothing words, feel gentle touches… Imagine what a horror her life would have been if she and her mother had not found a safe refuge at Animals In Distress.

duchessThe more I think about how much most mothers sacrifice to take care of their families, I am amazed that such Love exists. That reminds me of my friend Duchess, a shepherd mix who was rescued several years ago, along with her nine (9!!!) 4-week-old puppies. They had been born under a rusty trailer that Duchess was chained to. She had to fight the other dogs on the property for food, and was skin and bones when we rescued her and her family. Despite starving, she nursed her puppies, and defended them against predators, doing what she could from the length of her chain to keep her family safe and together. All of her puppies found homes but Duchess still waits for her loving, forever home. This is so true of many mothers: they sacrifice everything for their children. They risk their own lives and well-being. In animal shelters, the puppies and kittens get noticed first, get adopted first, get all the “cute” reactions. But the mothers often get left behind…sad, sad, sad.

Before I died, a mother and son came to the shelter after their elderly owner passed away. Mom cat is blind, and her son AJ is devoted to her. Mom, LC, is so sweet. She is trusting and loving. Her son, however, protects and guards his mother. He senses that she is vulnerable and does not want to be far from her side. Consequently, he is less trusting around people; he is on duty 24/7 because his mother needs him.

cat_AJ2  cat_LC

Obviously, it will be difficult to find a home where these two can live out their remaining years. But that is ok: they are loved and given a special place here at Animals In Distress, for as long as they need it. I needed that special place for 6 1/2 years, until my body just wore out, so I understand better than most how important Animals In Distress is to those of us who would be considered “unadoptable” by many people.

motherandchildAs we think about Mother’s Day, let us remember that the most unconditional love most of us will ever know is that of our mothers. Animals In Distress houses many animals who were mothers, and they deserve a special look. They raised their families, protected them, loved them… they did their best despite horrible circumstances. So we wish ALL mothers, furry and four-footed or not, a blessed celebration of their devotion and sacrifice on behalf of their babies. And for those who do not have their mothers, or who were adopted (like many shelter animals), a special message: you are blessed to have been selected and loved by someone who gives you the same care and devotion that others have known. Your guardians may not have given birth to you, but they have given you a home, and love, and loyalty. EVERY shelter animal has been given shelter human “parents” and is able to understand (as I do) that Love isn’t a matter of just birth; it is reflected in caring, loyalty, and sacrifice for others.

Remember: eternal goodness never dies. Love, loyalty, devotion – death cannot erase memories of such gifts. Honor those who have shown you such care while they are alive. Remember with sweet sadness those who have died and who loved and cared for you. Their legacy lives on in YOU.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame…
One Last Time!

Keeping with an almost 3 decade tradition, a softball game to benefit our animal sanctuary will be held Sunday, May 17, at the Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Community Park. Teams playing will be the folks from radio station WAEB against Dr. Joe Sobel and the folks from AccuWeather in State College. The first pitch will be thrown at 1 pm.

This year’s game is bittersweet, since it will be the final one. So many memories have been accumulated over the past decades: of heroic players, of bantering between Gunther and Dr. Joe, of rainy days and sunny days (THIS game always goes on despite the weather!!), a few injuries to players due to their giving everything to each play… times were good, memories are good, and the funds raised saved lives.

As players have changed and some have aged, it has become necessary to wrap up this chapter in our history – to say thanks for the devotion and generosity it took to maintain this game for so many years.

Jeered on by radio personality Bobby Gunther Walsh, the teams will frolic and joke their way for the final time through one of the funniest softball games you will ever attend. How fitting that it will be played at the Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Community Park on Landis St. in Coopersburg (just off Route 309 – turn at the Hot Rod Shop and follow the signs to parking). The Giant Fairmont Shopping Center is on the other side of the Park. There will be some bleachers but you are advised to bring lawn chairs to guarantee seating. Pets are welcome if leashed.

If you think about the park’s name, you can appreciate its symbolism. Community embodies the group we serve, and the people and animals we help daily. Memorial suggests that someone or something is not to be forgotten; it stands there to commemorate and remember. The term “Living” is especially meaningful: the park servers the living, just as our shelter is dedicated to honoring and preserving life. Each animal, no matter how sad and desperate, deserves a chance. Its life matters. And we are honored and grateful to be playing our last benefit game at a park dedicated to serving those who are alive to honor those who are gone.

As always, lunch will be available at noon including a bake sale, snacks and beverages.

To be eligible to win the prizes, please fill out raffle tickets (download here) and return them to us so they arrive by May 15, or bring them to the game. 100% of the raffle proceeds will help our animals, so please buy these tickets and try to sell more. You can call us at 610-966-9383, ex. 8, or stop at the sanctuary, if you would like more tickets. You do not have to be present to win.

Great Prizes, Great Raffle, LOTS of Chances to WIN!!!

An important part of the fundraising component of the annual WAEB/AccuWeather Benefit Softball Game is a raffle in which many great prizes can be won. The odds of winning are EXCELLENT, way better than winning in most other lotteries and such events. In addition to all the main prizes (listed below), there will be dozens of other prizes drawn and awarded to those at the game. However, to win any of the following prizes, you do NOT have to be present to win (although we would love to see you there in purrson, of course)!

This year’s prizes exceed those in all the other years, since this is the final game. Businesses donating prizes have gone all out to make the final game raffle irresistible, and they have hit a home run with all of us for their generosity. Top prizes are a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings (for the ladies) and a Bulova watch for the gents, both donated by Westgate Jewelers. A gas grill (valued at $400+) donated by Lehigh Supply Appliances will provide years of great meals for the lucky winner. Dan’s Camera City is donating a Photo Blanket of Your Pet, an Olympus TG630 Digital Camera (waterproof, dust proof, drop proof), and Gift Cards. Joe Mascari’s Carpets and Rugs International is donating a $500 Gift Certificate. The VinArt DealershipsLehigh Valley Acura, Honda, Hyundai and Phillipsburg Easton Hyundai – are providing all the food for the post-game reception. And Allen Audiology is once again the game sponsor.

Download your raffle tickets here!

As you can see, since all items are donated, 100% of the day’s proceeds will be used to help the animals at our sanctuary. There is no admission fee, although donations are much appreciated.

So let’s meet in Coopersburg and play ball!

Mardi Paws was a Good Time for All!

Anton was dressed for the Party

Anton was dressed for the Party

We just had the most AMAZING party to chase away Winter’s gloom! Our volunteers hosted a festive Mardi Gras celebration to raise money and smiles.

The festive decorations, delicious array of hot and cold foods from appetizers to endless desserts ensured that everyone was well fed, and the live Dixieland music was superb.

Some past AID pets also came to the party with their loving owners. Anton, the scene stealing cat who is pictured here, also came to strut his stuff. One of the really neat things about adoptions is that many adopting families become volunteers at our shelter. Isn’t that neat? They know better than most the value of our rescue work since one (or more than one) of our shelter animals is now living with them, like a daily reminder of all of the animals who are still waiting to find a home.

Anyway, besides the outstanding food, music and decorations, there was a silent auction of some really great items. Our volunteers set up the auction and did a zillion other things to make the night such a success.

Mardi Paws 2015 highlights – click image to enlarge

Mardi Paws 2105 collage

WAEB 790AM Radiothon

July 13 – 19

Donations for Challenge Hours and for incentive prizes are needed now. Please contact us if you can help with either at aidpa@enter.net or call 610-966-9383, ext. 8. Donations during the on-air portion of the Radiothon are encouraged with people know that they can make every dollar they donate double or triple its value during these Challenge Hours. PLEASE consider donating early so we can start with a good amount toward our final total.

This is our biggest fundraiser and is essential to our ability to continue our work.

Upcoming Events, Projects and News


We need our help in updating our database, especially for active volunteers. Kathy Trexler has designed a volunteer database that will allow us to send information on events and needs to those who have expressed an interest in volunteering in various ways for us. If you are a volunteer and have moved or changed your email address, please email us at aidpa@enter.net and give us your updated contact information. Most of you will be contacted by email, so it is crucial that we have your most recent mailing and email address.


Go to animalsindistresspa.org for information on upcoming events, copies of the most recent and past newsletters, and lots of other neat things. In addition, you can now donate online by visiting our website. All information is kept totally secure, and we never share donor or mailing information with anyone.


If so, would you consider donating it to us? The van we now have had almost 160,000 miles on it when it was donated, and is starting to cost a lot to keep functioning. We desperately need a reliable and more cost efficient way of transporting animals to the veterinarian, picking up supplies, and so on. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it needs to be in good running order, since we do not have the funds for costly maintenance and upkeep. If you are interested in making such a donation, please email us at aidpa@enter.net or call 610-966-9383 and leave a phone message. Your donation would be fully tax deductible since we are a 501c3 charity.


Registration starts at 10am on June 7, which is the same day as our Pets and People Party we call Alumni Day. The whole day will be a lot of fun for you and your dog (or cat), plus dozens of prizes. Get sponsorships now and bring them with you when you register. The entry fee is only $10 per person, with 100% of the proceeds going to help the shelter animals. Entrants bringing $50 or more in sponsorships will receive an AID t-shirt. Download a registration form here, pick one up at the shelter, or even fill one out the day of the event.

Also, Team Spook appreciates your support, even if you can’t attend. Just mail in your donation for Team Spook, and Spook will get the credit for that in his total. He wants to win, so he needs everyone’s help to build up his total. Spook wants people to know that he can still raise funds for the shelter even though he is now in Heaven.

Entrants will be eligible to win some really nice prizes, but mostly, they will know that they are helping the animals and having a great time as well. You won’t meet a nicer bunch of people (and animals) than you will during the Laps of Love and the Alumni Day events that follow.


This annual event is like a big family gathering, where people (and their pets) can eat, socialize, play games, enter contests like a Pet Cake Walk or a Pet/Owner Lookalike Contest, catch up with old friends and make new ones…plus win some great items in our always fabulous basket social. (By the way, baskets are needed and can be dropped off by June 6 or brought to the event by noon).

A memento of the day is our Commemorative Journal. Please consider taking out a listing in it, in honor or memory of a loved one, or as a tribute to someone, or as a way to share a favorite poem or photo. Business listings are especially welcome. A special page for Spook will list Angels donating in his name. Just let us know that you want your name listed as one of Spook’s Angels.

Download a form here and send it in by May 14. Indicate your wishes and we will do the rest. The Journal is also a fundraiser for us, so please help us make this year’s journal one of the best yet.


helpwantedPlease participate in our fundraisers and help us raise the funds necessary to continue to do our work. Our monthly costs are climbing at an alarming rate, and we are deeply concerned about this. All creatures great and small deserve our Love and a second chance. And with your love and support, we can continue to save lives and bring hope to those who are forlorn and afraid.

Our greatest fear is that we will one day lack the resources to help pets like Esther, Bunny, Duchess, LC, AJ and so many others who would have little to no chance elsewhere. We have never taken one dollar of “public” money from local, state or federal governments, and rely solely on our incredible volunteers, fundraisers, and your donations for everything that we can accomplish.

Every dollar matters. Thank you for 38 years of support and for your faith in a kinder, more loving world.



Tuesday, May 26
At Animals In Distress

Applications and guidelines ave available here or at the shelter.


Sunday, May 17 – 1:00 pm
Rain or Shine

At Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Park
Coopersburg, PA

Read more about it here.
Food, fun, many prizes.
Download and print tickets here to win fabulous prizes or get some at the shelter.
Tickets must be received by mail by May 15 or bring them to the game.


Sunday, June 7
Noon to 4:00 pm

At Animals In Distress

Set this date aside now. Enjoy live music, games, a basket social and much more.

Commemorative Journal listings are due by May 14. A special page for Spook’s Angels will list the names of people who select to be an Angel in Spook’s memory and honor.

The Journal listing form can be downloaded here or get one at the shelter.


Sunday, June 7
Registration starts at 10:00 am
At Animals In Distress

This day will be a lot of fun for you and your dog (or cat). Get sponsorships now. Also, Team Spook appreciates your support, even if you can’t come. Just mail in your donation for Team Spook, and spook will get the credit for that in his total.

Click here for more information.

AKC Caine Good Citizen Classes at Animals In DistressCANINE GOOD CITIZEN DOG TRAINING CLASS

Starting Wednesday, June 10 
6:30 pm
At Animals In Distress

Space is limited so call or email aidpa@enter.net if you are interested. Classes run for 7 weeks.


June 13 – 19

Donations for Challenge Hours and for incentive prizes are needed now. Please contact us if you can help with either at aidpa@enter.net or call 610-966-9383, ext. 8. Donations during the on-air portion of the Radiothon are encouraged when people know that they can make every dollar they donate double or triple is value during these Challenge Hours. PLEASE consider donating early so we can start with a good amount toward our final total.

This is our biggest fundraiser and is essential to our ability to continue our work.