Tails of Hope: The Newsletter of Animals In Distress, Coopersburg, PA




There are times when we think of all of our friends and supporters and say a silent “thank you” for them for allowing us to help some of the most desperate animals. Without their support, we would not have the resources to provide emergency and long-term medical care, shelter, and love to approximately 400 animals at any one time. Our greatest fear is that the necessary resources won’t be there to do the next rescue, or to pay the more than $50,000 it costs to run our shelter each month.

Where would all of our shelter residents go, if there were no Animals In Distress? Many would have no chance elsewhere. How sad to think that could ever happen. Well, we make a promise to you: if you provide what you can to help, in the form of money and time and support and prayers, we will put every dollar to use in saving animals who have no hope elsewhere. We have been doing that for almost 37 years, and will continue to do so. Lives, thousands of them, have been saved because we have kept that promise.

At Animals In Distress, Tipsy got the care she needed - and a home!

Tipsy got the care she needed – and a home!

An example of the rescues that your support makes possible is Tipsy. This 2 year old pup was hit by a car and paralyzed. She dragged her hind legs pathetically and was obviously in shock. Imagine if we did not have the money to get her the proper vet care immediately, since such injuies can often be helped if medical help is gotten immediately.

This is where YOU come in! Because you make our work possible, we were able to get this poor dog the medical care – including orthopedic surgery, months of physical therapy, and loving care – she needed. Because of you, she is living in the home of one of the two volunteers – Sally and Sherry – who came to the shelter every day for months and months, sitting with her and reassuring her that she was loved. Tipsy – now named Daphne – has recovered well and can run and explore the fenced-in back yard she now shares with another rescue dog named Samantha.

We know it takes a special type of person to adopt an animal with special needs. The older animals, those who are diabetic or three-legged or blind or deaf … the list goes on and on. Those animals deserve a chance: first to live and feel safe and loved, and second: to find a forever home.

Lippy gets a home, thanks to Animals In Distress.It can take a long time to find that home, as is the case with Lippy, a 16 year old cat who has been with us for quite a while. Although Lippy is loving and in good shape for his age, he was overlooked for many years since he is an older cat. People looking to adopt a cat would meet him and say “He is older than we wanted.” We certainly understand the heartbreak that people go through when a beloved pet dies, but we also know that we are all getting older, and senior status is NOT a crime. In fact, just the opposite: it is a blessing denied to many who never get the chance to grow old. So, when a kind family expressed interest in adopting Lippy, we were delighted. He has found his forever home, as you can see in the picture of Lippy head-butting his new “mom” Laura with great affection – that photo speaks volumes about a moment of two souls connecting.

Sometimes we can’t wait to share good news with all of you, for you make all our work possible. You allow us to give pets like Lippy and Tipsy a chance to be given medical care, love and dignity.

Thanks to the incredibly kind people: who support us, who pray for us, who take care of our shelter residents, and who adopt animals from us. The world is a better place because of YOU!

Please participate in our fundraisers and help us raise the funds necessary to continue our work, work that for 37 years has saved thousands of lives and made our community a better and kinder place.


In keeping with a 27 year tradition, a softball game to benefit our animal sanctuary will be held Sunday, May 4 at the Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Park. Teams playing will be the folks from radio station WAEB 790AM against Dr. Joe Sobel and the folks fromAccuWeather in State College. The first pitch will be thrown at 1 pm.

Jeered on by local radio personality Bobby Gunther Walsh, the teams will frolic and joke their way through one of the funniest softball games you will ever attend. The game is again being played in memory of AccuWeather’s Ken Reeves, who was a strong support of this benefit game to raise funds for Animals In Distress.

By the way, we are very appreciative of the hospitality shown to us by the folks at the Living Memorial park, which is just off of Landis Street in Coopersburg (just off Route 309 – turn at the Hot Rod Shop and follow the signs to parking). The Giant Fairmont Shopping Center is on the other side of the Park. There will be some bleachers but you are advised to bring lawn chairs to guarantee seating. Pets are welcome if leashed.

Lunch will be available at noon, including a bake sale, snacks and beverages. A winde range of prizes will be given out. Top prizes are a gorgeous piece of jewelry donated by Westgate Jewelers and a gas grill donated by Lehigh Supply Appliances. As you can see, since all items are donated – including delicious hot dogs from Yocco’s – 100% of the day’s proceeds will be used to help the animals at our sanctuary. There is no admission fee, although donations are much appreciated.

Founded 37 years ago as a non-euthanizing alternative for homeless and abused pets, Animals In Distress exists totally on donations and receives no state or municipal funding. Ever mindful that it is cheap to take a life, and expensive to save life, the sanctuary keeps every pet admitted, providing food, shelter and veterinary care until just the right home can be found – and will keep the animal forever if it is not adopted.

So let’s meet in Coopersburg and play ball!!

To be eligible to win the prizes, please fill out the raffle tickets below and return them to us so they arrive by May 1 or bring them to the game. 100% of the raffle proceeds will help our animals, so please buy these tickets and try to sell more. You can call us at 610-966-9383, ext. 8, or stop at the sanctuary, if you would like more tickets. You do not have to be present to win.


Animals In Distress
invites you to attend the dedication of

The Garden Of Heroes

May 17, 2014 at 2:00 pm

The Garden of Heroes Dedication Ceremony at Animals In Distress: May 17, 2014Join us as we dedicate a one-of-a-kind tribute to honor police, military, search and rescue, and other service animals and their handlers, past and present, who have done so much to benefit our local communities and our country. All are welcome!

Social hour following the dedication.

RSVP is appreciated but not required: email aidpa@enter.net or call 610-966-9383 ext. 8 by May 14. Please share this with anyone who may be interested, and let us know who else to contact to be there representing military, police, etc.

This special Garden of Heroes is the result of a collaboration between the shelter’s volunteers and and Eagle Scout, who helped us to transform the idea into a reality. The Garden reflects the work and kindness of many people and is a treasure to the community.

Thousands of animals, mostly dogs but also other species like horses and dolphins, have been trained to detect explosives, guard and protect against violent attackers, perform search and rescue functions, detect drugs and other dangerous contraband, and in many other ways save lives, even at the cost of their own.

The Garden of Heroes is a reminder of the debt we all owe to these mostly unsung heroes – and the human handlers, partners, and trainers who know better than anyone how important are these animal heroes and guardians.

No public money has been used to create The Garden, and no donations intended for animal rescue and rehabilitation have been re-directed to The Garden. Donations for the maintenance and enhancement of The Garden are appreciated and welcome. Access to The Garden is free for all who visit it.

The Resource Center for Heroes

Inside the shelter’s Hospitality Center is a modest Resource Center housing books, photos, and information about these animal heroes. Children in need of a topic for school or Scout projects are welcome to visit the Center. In addition, the Resource Center will be a depository for letters, pictures, and newspaper articles about animal Heroes. These will be donated by those who have had such animal Heroes in their lives – handlers, trainers, and those who have been helped or even saved by such animals.

Special services will be held in The Garden throughout the year. Anyone wishing to be notified on the mailing list for announcements and updates should contact the shelter by email at aidpa@enter.net or by mail at P.O. Box 609, Coopersburg, PA 18036.

Take a minute to reflect on how many Heroes sit in animals shelters right now, waiting to become part of a family, waiting to, in a humble way, become a hero by alerting its people to a fire or medical emergency or an intruder.

The Garden of Heroes at Animals In DistressDonations to expand the Resource Center and to maintain The Garden are welcome and much needed. Please send your gift via mail or visit our website to make an online contribution.

A loyal and devoted dog sits in the middle of The Garden of Heroes, keeping watch over our shelter as a Guardian Angel and protector.

Part of The Garden will remain undisturbed so that visitors may spread ashes of deceased Heroes if they wish. Benches sit quietly for those who wish to stay and reflect on what The Garden honors.


Our 36th Annual Celebration
June 1
12:00 noon – 4:00 pm

at Animals In Distress
5075 Limeport Pike
Coopersburg, PA 18036

On Sunday, June 1, our annual Alumni Day “Pets and People Party” will be held from noon to 4:00 pm. This year celebrates our 37 years of saving animals and living the dream started 37 years ago to honor the life of each pet we rescue, providing care and a home for as long as necessary – for life if a suitable home isn’t found. Presently, we are home to approximately 370 animals who have no place to go if we are not here for them. Our AID logo of a cat and dog sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms, surrounded by a heart that is the love we all have for them, embodies what we are all about, and the spirit of love and caring is embodied in our annual homecoming Alumni Day celebration. This fun afternoon is made even more memorable by the publication of a Commemorative Journal, which becomes a treasured keepsake of the day.

The Commemorative Journal is an important fund raiser for us, and all proceeds from the Journal go to help homeless and abused pets. You can use your business card, or make up a message that our printer can typset. Photos can also be included for an extra $10 per photo. Please place your name and address on the back of the photo, and include an special instructions on the form when mailed in.



We need your help in updating our database, especially for active volunteers. Kathy Trexler has designed a volunteer database that will allow us to send information on events and needs to those who have expressed an interest in volunteering in various ways for us. If you are a volunteer and have moved or changed your email address, please email us at aidpa@enter.net and give us your updated contact information. Most of you will be contacted by email, so it is crucial that we have your most recent mailing and email address.

Visit Our Website at animalsindistress-pa.org

For information on upcoming events, copies of the most recent and past newsletters, and lots of other neat things. In addition, you can now donate online by visiting our website. All information is kept totally secure, and we never share donor or mailing information with anyone.

Have you got a van or SUV that you don’t need?

If so, would you consider donating it to us? The van we now have had almost 160,000 miles on it when it was donated, and is starting to cost a lot to keep functioning. We desperately need a reliable and more cost efficient way of transporting animals to the veterinarian, picking up supplies, and so on. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it needs to be in good running order, since we do not have the funds for costly maintenance and upkeep. If you are interested in making such a donation, please email us at aidpa@enter.net or call 610-966-9383 and leave a phone message. Your donation would be fully tax deductible since we are a 501c3 charity.

Laps of Love Walkathon

Registration starts at 10:00 am on June 1, which is the same day as our Pets and People Party we call Alumni Day. The whole day will be a lot of fun for you and your dog (or cat), plus dozens of prizes. Get sponsorships now and bring them with you when you register. The entry fee is only $10 per person, with 100% of the proceeds going to help the shelter animals. Entrants bringing $50 or more in sponsorships will receive an AID t-shirt. Download an entry form here, pick one up at the shelter, or even fill one out the day of the event.

Also, Team Spook appreciates your support, even if you can’t attend. Just mail in your donation marked Team Spook, and Spook will get the credit for that in his total. Spook wants people to know that he can still raise funds for the shelter even though he is now in Heaven.

Entrants will be eligible to win some really nice prizes, but mostly, they will know that they are helping the animals and having a great time as well. You won’t meet a nicer bunch of people (and animals) than you will during the Laps of Love and the Alumni Day events that follow.

37th Annual Alumni Day Pets and People Party
Sunday, June 1 from Noon to 4:00 pm

This annual event is like a big family gathering, where people (and their pets) can eat, socialize, play games, enter contests like a Pet Cake Walk or a Pet/Owner Lookalike Contest, catch up with old friends and make new ones… plus win some great items in our always fabulous basket social. (By the way, baskets are needed and can be dropped off by June 1 or brought to the event by noon.)

A memento of the day is our Commemorative Journal. Please consider taking out a listing in it, in honor or memory of a loved one, or as a tribute to someone, or as a way to share a favorite poem or photo. Business listings are especially welcome. A special page for Spook will ist Angels donating in his name. Just let us know that you want your name listed as one of Spook’s Angels.

Download a Journal Listing Form and send it in (along with your donation) and indicate your wishes, and we will do the rest. The Journal is also a fundraiser for us, so please help us make this year’s journal one of the best yet.


Mardi Paws was a Good Time for All!

Anton wearing his finest at Mardi Paws at Animals In Distress.We just had the most AMAZING party to chase away Winter’s gloom! Our volunteers hosted a festive Mardi Gras celebration to raise money and smiles.

The festive decorations, delicious array of hot and cold foods from appetizers to endless desserts ensured that everyone was well fed, and the live Dixieland music by Kevin O’Connell and the Dixieland All-Stars was superb.

Some past AID pets also came to the party with their loving owners. Anton, the scene stealing cat who is pictured here, also came to strut his stuff. one of the really neat things about adoptions is that many adopting families become volunteers at our shelter. Isn’t that neat? They know better than most the value of our rescue work since one (or more than one) of our shelter animals is now living with them, like a daily reminder of all of the animals who are still waiting to find a home.

Anyway, besides the outstanding food, music, and decorations, there was a silent auction of some really great items. Our volunteers set up the auction and did a zillion other things to make the night such a success.


BINGO – Everyone’s a Winner!

Nancy calls the numbers at the 2nd Vera Bradley/Longaberger Basket Bingo to benefit Animals In Distress.Our second Vera Bradley/Longaberger Basket Bingo was a big success, raising just under $5,000! Since all prizes were underwritten by donations from individuals and businesses, and all food was donated and prepared by our volunteers, and all work was done by volunteers, those proceeds go to the animals 100%!

There is a huge amount of coordinating and organizing that goes into an event like this (actually into all our events), and special thanks should be mentioned to Kelly Hartnett, who did countless tasks. Thanks to the many volunteers – Linda, Stella, Cheryl, Tracy, Nancy, and so many others – for incredible dedication and hard work.

We need the money, everyone had a great time, and the food, raffles, and special games were fun for all. Thanks to all who made this year’s event a winner!


WAEB 790AM Radiothon to benefit Animals In Distress
July 14 – 20, 2014

Donations for Challenge Hours and for incentive prizes are needed now.

Please contact us if you can help with either at aidpa@enter.net or call 610-966-9383, ext. 8. Donations during the on-air portion of the Radiothon are encouranged when people know that they can make every dollar they donate double or triple its value during these Challenge Hours. PLEASE consider donating early so we can start with a good amount toward our final total.

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and is essential to our ability to continue our work.