Tails of Hope: The Newsletter of Animals In Distress, Coopersburg, PA




familyAs we get within weeks of this year’s WAEB Radiothon, our biggest fundraiser of the year, we are hoping that our friends understand the importance of this event. The kind of rescue work that we do is always expensive: it takes a lot more money to save lives than to end them. In these tough economic times, when many hard working and responsible people are suffering from job loss and economic uncertainty, it is especially difficult to find the funds to keep our doors open. And just when things seem to be getting better, disaster can occur – or emergencies arise – that require immediate attention. There is no time to worry about what a rescue will cost: a life is on the line, and immediate action must be taken.

For example, a recent series of lightning strikes and power surges at the shelter caused several levels of damage to our phones, security system, and other areas of the shelter. Just like that, with no warning, life takes a turn for the worse. The consequence is that we have had to spend thousands of dollars more than expected, with no end in sight as more damage is uncovered. Add that to overwhelming veterinary bills and costs of utilities, animal care in general, etc., and we are now close to $240,000 in the red – and it’s only June! However, with 300 to 400 lives in our shelter, we have no choice but to repair their home. They have nowhere else to go. Compounding our challenge is that we never ask for any tax money, so we exist totally on the kindness of donors and on incredible volunteer effort.

Bottom line is this: we need your support. The space limitations of this newsletter necessitate that we can only share a few of the many reasons your support this year is so important. But let us share a few rescues with you. If these animals could speak, they would tell you what your caring about them has meant and how it is changed (quite literally “saved”) their lives.

Take Porter, a German shepherd mix who came to us in emaciated and neglected condition, as an example. He is so handsome now that he has put on weight and his sores and wounds have healed. Or little Teddy, a tan and white pup who was thrown from the Hamilton Street Bridge and survived. Or Libby, a sweet black and white kitty found on the side of the road with severe skin problems, parasites, and other health problems. Or Wendell, a black cat who was so starved and dehydrated that he could not even walk (he has now gained 2 lbs.). Or little Monkey, a terrier only 8 months old who came to us with a dead puppy coming out of her. Or Benny, a Shih Tzu who had been hit by a car and suffered a broken jaw. Or Tan Tan, a stray cat who was attacked savagely by another animal and was in horrible shape with his leg bones crushed and a massive infection that ultimately caused him to die despite valient efforts by the staff at Perkiomen Animal Hospital. And the list goes on and on and on.

We spend over $50,000 per month just to cover basic costs, and that is a terrifying amount to have to raise from scratch each month. Please help us give these animals a second (or third or fourth) chance.

During the Radiothon, please call in and pledge on WAEB from 5 to 9 am, or mail in a donation with this newsletter’s coupon. Or go to our website and make a donation online. Anything you can do to help will make a difference. Last year, we raised over $125,000, and that seems like a very ambitious goal for this year. However, our dear supporters have believed in our mission for over 36 years, and we ask you again to be as generous as possible. Lives depend on it. Thank you for being part of our Family… and saving lives.


Spook at Animals in DistressHi Folks,

It’s me – Spook. I wanted to purrsonally thank you for your spoort of Team Spook for the Laps of Love. Due to poor weather, a smaller group than usual participated (but the folks who did had a good time). I got to try out my new SpookMobile (designed and powered by my friend Stella). I must say that it is a lot more impressive than last year’s wheelbarrow!

Spook and Anton at Animals In DistressI love getting out and participating in our events, despite being paralyzed, and I was extra proud to have my friend Anton marching right along with the dogs. Since Anton was one paralyzed and now can walk again, he has become a bit of a show-off. But that’s ok with me: he represents us cats very well, and makes a statement that none of us special needs animals is hopeless or worthless. He even came over to my new SpookMobile to see if there was room for two inside, just in case his paws needed a rest! What a great guy!

Jacqueline FenstermacherOne person was missing this year. Sadly, our friend Jacqueline Fenstermacher was not there since she had died in April. She loved Animals In Distress and always walked in the Laps of Love with her dog Sammie, and her sister Melita and her dog Kelly. I wanted to share her picture so, in a way, she was part of the Laps – in spirit. We missed you, Jackie. Thank you for caring about all of us. Look after our animals friends in Heaven.

Alumni Day was very special to us too, as always. So many good friends – actually family, in my opinion – gathered to share some great food, play games, participate in our fabulous basket social, listen to great music compliments of Donna Fisher and Friends, and read a copy of the Commemorative Journal. Our wonderful volunteers make all these events possible, and we would not survive without their efforts on behalf of all us animals. Sometimes, when I say my prayers, I make sure to be extra grateful for all our friends; they are more than friends, they are family. And for those of us who don’t have our own purrsonal families, they (YOU) are our family! Never forget that: we have no one else.

Sarah and ChanceOne special family was missing this year from Alumni Day. The Yocums, who had adopted an older yellow lab from us many years ago, were not there. This was extra obvious since their granddaughter and dog Chance appear in our Alumni Day pictures year after year. In fact, one of the photos on the cover of the 2013 Journal is of Chance and Sarah. Shortly after Alumni Day, we got a letter from the Yocums stating that Chance had died in May, at almost 15 years of age. They were so devastated that her husband lost work, and her granddaughter lost two days of school. As sad as this is, and I am crying as I write this, I believe that Chance was one of the luckiest animals ever: although he had many years of neglect before he was rescued by Animals In Distress, he was love and cared for once AID got him. And then he really lucked out when the Yocums adopted him. They treated him like a real prince – nothing he needed (vet care, special foods, etc.) was held back. That’s how things are here at Animals In Distress too – we animals are sooooo lucky to be here. Chance knew more live in his life than some animals (and poeple) will know in theirs. He was so blessed to be part of the Animals In Distress Family, and so loved by the Yocums. We will miss you, Chance. Bless all who make it possible for us older, special needs, and “unadoptable” animals to have a real chance in this world. You are our heroes.

Anita’s wonderful photos show lots of the good times on Alumni Day, a true celebration of love and caring. This was our 36th Alumni Day – I’m not sure how many cat years that reflects, but it’s a lot!

Love and Licks,



Historic Limeport Stadium was the site for the 26th benefit softball game to support our shelter’s work. Despite rainy and miserable weather, both teams played valiantly, cheered on by Dr. Joe Sobel and Bobby Gunther Walsh. A total of $3532 was raised for the animals, who are the real winners of this game!

Dr. Joe Sobel and Bobby Gunther Walsh

Dr. Joe Sobel and Bobby Gunther Walsh

Anton delivers the first pitch of the game.

Anton delivers the first pitch of the game.

Anton resting after the WAEB/AccuWeather Softball game to benefit Animals In DistressA very special player appeared to launch the first ball: Anton, a former AID cat who came to us with a broken back but eventually regained the use of his paralyzed hind legs, proudly delivered the first “pitch” by taking a ball (velcroed to his sporty t-shirt) all the way out to the pitcher’s mound. Anton was escorted by his proud owner, Jeff Benner, who spent weeks training Anton to perform flawlessy. Anton was exhausted after his purrformance and took a nap back at our shelter, using the baseball as a cushion for his head!

Many thanks to all who made this event possible, starting with the staff and friends of WAEB and AccuWeather. Special thanks to our dedicated staff and shelter volunteers who again cooked and served the delicious food at the stadium, handled the raffle, and did countless other chores at the stadium and also back at our shelter. Denise Shaffer again helped to provide emergency medical care. Thanks also to the fine folks at Limeport Stadium, whose hospitality and kindness are much appreciated.

Allen Audiology generously sponsored the game this year.

Top raffle prize winners were:

Very special thanks to Bob and Jan Thomas for donating $500 for a challenge to the game attendees! Delicious food for the cookout after the game was again donated by the Allentown Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market. Thanks also to Link BeverageDan’s Camera CityYocco’s Hot Dogs, and other donors of food and prizes.

A final big thank you to all of our newsletter readers and all of the WAEB fans who bought raffle tickets, attended the game, and in general supported this event (and many others throughout the year).

Fortune, rescued by Animals In DistressThe rescued cat pictured here (her name is Fortune) is the real reason we play this game and hold our other fundraisers and newletter appeals. The options for such animals – especially those with medical needs or handicaps – are very limited if we do not help them. 100% of every dollar donated by people like you goes directly to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide unlimited sanctuary for animals like Fortne, Anton and Spook, who have little hope elsewhere. Thank you for making these happy ending possible.


Listen to our WAEB 790AM Radiothon, Monday through Friday, July 8 – 12, on the Bobby Gunther Walsh Show, which airs weekdays from 5:00 to 9:00 am. Listen at these times for latest news, prizes, events, and rescue updates. Phoned in pledges can be made all through the show, at the number announced by Bobby. It is crucial that many people call in and support this major fund raising event.

AID President Lois Gadek will be calling in each hour during the week, with stories of rescues and other matters related to why donations are urgently needed. In the studio will be various pets and their handlers (some are people who have adopted from us, and some are people who work with our sanctuary residents and volunteer their efforts in so many ways). Service Electric’s Channel 50 carries Bobby’s show live, so you can actually see the pets in the studio. You can also check Gunther’s website at WAEB.com, and our website at animalsindistress-pa.org for updates.

Over the weekend, July 13 and 14, Bobby will be on air live with appeals and announcements at intervals in the regularly scheduled broadcasts. During the weekend, pledges will be taken by phone at 610-967-4417, from 8 am to 6 pm, as well as in person at our sanctuary and at the Allentown Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market on Saturday.


Basket Social and Silent Auction
at Animals in Distress Sanctuary
July 13 and 14, from 8 am to 4 pm.

Baskets and items should be delivered to the sanctuary by Saturday at noon, at the latest.
Phone 610-966-9383, ext. 8, if you have questions or need to make arrangements to get your donations to us by July 16.


Live Broadcast Spot from Allentown Farmer’s Market
Saturday, July 13

Stop by. Meet Bobby. Make a pledge.


Continental Breakfast with pastries compliments of Giant Food Stores Bakery
at Animals In Distress Sanctuary
Saturday, July 13, starting at 8:00 am

The Basket Social and Silent Auction continue through Sunday at 4:00pm.
The Craft and Gift Bazaar starts on Saturday morning and continues through Sunday at 4.


Delicious Breakfast and Picnic
at Animals In Distress Sanctuary
Sunday, July 14, starting at 8:00 am

Breakfast until noon, and hot buffet picnic/dinner after noon.

Our friends from the Allentown Farmer’s Market are again donating the delicious food for this all-day open house. Beverages are donated by Coca Cola of the Lehigh Valley. Breakfast until noon, and hot buffet picnic/dinner after noon. Smokin’ Smitty’s Catering of Emmaus will prepare the food and do a fabulous job – everything they serve is super!

Music will be provided by Sound Surge Mobile DJ.


Tune in from 1:00 to 3:00 pm for a 2-hour live broadcast from our shelter, thanks to our friends at ResQ1250.

The Basket Social and Silent Auction continue until 4:00 pm.
The Craft and Gift Bazaar is open until 6:00 pm.


Can you help make our world a kinder place for all – humans and animals? The lessons we teach children NOW will determine the future of our society and our quality of life. Please help us continue to send a message of unconditional Love and Hope.


Much of the success of our Radiothon is finding Challenge Hours money. Basically, when someone donates money for a challenge, the understanding is that the listeners are urged to donate an amount equal to or greater than the amount of the challenge, and must do so within the stipulated time. Challenges stimulate calls and provide some important funding.

In addition, Challenge Hours have been subsidized by families who have adopted pets and by people who want a memorial to honor a deceased loved one. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who has adopted a pet from us over the years would offer a donation (or Challenge Hour money, if you prefer) in honor and/or in memory of their pets? There is no more fitting way to honor a special pet’s gifts of Love and Companionship to us than by helping those who need help, and hope.

To offer a challenge, please contact us by email at aidpa@enter.net, or by phone at 610-966-9383 ext. 8 (someone will return your call as soon as possible), or by mail at:

    Animals In Distress
    P.O. Box 609
    Coopersburg, PA 18036


We know that you donate only to help needy animals. However, due to the generosity of the following business and individuals, we are able to offer these incentive prizes in various categories. This list is not inclusive, since more prizes will be added as the Radiothon progress.

Donors of $100 or more are eligible for a drawing to
win one of these two fabulous prize packages:
  • A Piece of fine jewelry from Westgate Jewelers that can be worn to a Sunday Brunch for 4 at Hotel Bethlehem, with transportation in style by Adamo Limousine.
  • OR
  • A Room Makeover featuring a 5×8 or 8×11 rug from special remnant section compliments ofJoe Mascari’s Carpets and Rugs International and a Vail LazyBoy recliner rocker fromHager Furniture in Palmerton
Donors of $50 or more are eligible for a drawing to win one of the following prizes:
  • A “Getaway” at Oliver’s Salon and Day Spa in Allentown, including a massage, manicure and pedicure
  • An overnight stay at Comfort Suites, Allentown
  • A foursome day of golf at Wedgewood Golf Course
  • Full maintenance services on your car by Steve’s Roadside Service (Kutztown) including oil & filter, all fluids, check tires, etc. at your home
  • A 16 x 20 pet portrait by R.J. Harwick Photography of Emmaus
  • Other prizes to be announced
Donors of $25 or more are eligible for a drawing to win one of the following prizes:

To Our Out-of-Town Friends:

You can now listen to our WAEB 790AM Radiothon from anwhere in the world through "streaming" on the WAEB web site, WAEB.COM. You can tune in to Gunther weekdays from 5:00 to 9:00am. Keep in touch with the Radiothon starting July 8th. The show can also be seen on Service Electric's channel 50. Monday through Friday 5:00 to 9:00 am

Please patronize the businesses that support us. Some of these businesses have been friends of our shelter for more than 25 years, and we deeply appreciate their generosity in allowing us to raise funds that go totally to support the work that we do. Throughout this newsletter, you will see many names of businesses that are making this year’s Radiothon possible. When you visit them, thank them for their support of our Kennel of Hope.



A few months ago, a small, senior chihuahua was found wandering around downtown Allentown. He was so thin and weak that he could hardly walk, so we assume that someone dumped him on the streets. He certainly could not have walked very far. We named him Chico. He has needed months of recuperation, good nutrition, and love just to become stale enough to have his rotten teeth and gums tended to surgically. Most of his teeth were removed since they were beyond repair. As most of us know, one infected tooth can bring excruciating pain; it is difficult to imagine the years of torment that this poor dog must have endured. Chico is a sweet guy and we are hoping a kind family will see his potential and adopt him. Sadly, in our society, age is almost a sin; we need to look young, and we celebrate youth over age. Unwanted pets like Chico are often considered “unadoptable,” but they are not considered that at Animals In Distress. Chico will be here during our Radiothon to thank everyone personally for helping Animals In Distress rescue special needs pets like him.

Chico at Animals In Distress

Chico at Animals In DIstress

Chico at Animals In Distress


Mrs. Cat at Animals In DistressRecently, we rescued a tiger cat who had been mauled by a pit bull. Its leg was chewed and the bones in it were crushed. In fact, bones protruded from the cat’s body, their whiteness visible against the cat’s fur. Since the cat had been in this painful condition for several weeks before we rescued it, our veterinarians could not save her leg.

Now healing from the amputation surgery, Mrs. Cat is recovering well and getting along impressively on her three legs. Without your help and support, such rescues would not be possible. She will thank you in purrson when you stop by.