Tails of Hope: The Newsletter of Animals In Distress, Coopersburg, PA




It’s hard to know where to start in sharing the happenings of the past two months. The holidays came and went. A huge outpouring of Love from many people during the holidays made the end of 2012 very special. This newsletter will discuss a few of the events that touched all of us, but can’t begin to do justice to the outpouring of Love and Kindness that our shelter experienced.

Most touching, perhaps, was the display of poinsettia and ornament tributes and memorials to pets and people. A record number of participants in this special fund raising event created a visual reminder of how loved are the special pets and people in our lives. People would enter the Hospitality Center and look for the ribbons bearing the names of the pets and people being honored or remembered. many of the pets named on the ribbons had been adopted from Animals In Distress.

It is hard to find words to share how special are these tributes. They are like visible witnesses of the power of Love. Love is a force that can transcend sadness and death, disappointments and defeats, and Love can be a point of permanance in a world characterized by change. Our shelter is so blessed to be so loved, and our work is possible only because of the hundreds, indeed thousands, of people who share their hearts, their lives, their prayers, and their support with us.

Karen Mesch and Anton, Attorney At Paw at The Barrister's Club

Karen Mesch and Anton, Attorney At Paw at The Barrister’s Club

New this year in our holiday events schedule were a couple of special events, including 4 nights of gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble, and an evening at The Barrister’s Club in Allentown, coordinated by Karen Mesch (pictured here holding Anton). Our shelter was represented by several volunteers and Anton, the cat we rescued who was paralyzed and can now walk. Anton was presented as “Anton, Attorney at Paw,” and paraded around passing out his business cards and representing all the shelter animals who would benefit from the evening’s proceeds. He was, as always, a huge hit.

Our Holiday Open House and Craft and Gift Bazaar were very well attended. Everyone raved about the food supplied by our hardworking and dedicated volunteers. Hot hors d’oeuvres, chili, other hot entrees, a huge amount of munchies and desserts… yum, yum!

Thanks also to all who made and donated baskets for the Basket Social and Silent Auction: everyone who saw the baskets praised them for their variety and creativity. Another thank you to all who made dog biscuits and baked goods, and who donated various craft and gift items for the bazaar. Most of all, thanks to all who attended or supported these events in any way. You made all of our efforts super successful and let us know how much you care about the animals at the shelter.

Special mention must be made of all the volunteers who set up the event and manned the tables.Marla Burke coordinated endless details, and dozens of others assisted with the decorating, coordinating the Basket Social and Silent Auction, and helping out in countless other ways.

Despite how busy the holidays are, so many people took time out to remember Animals In Distress with a donation, a nice card, or hours of volunteer effort. Nowhere is the holiday spirit more alive, and genuine, than at our shelter – not just at the holidays, but every day of the year. That’s why it was so difficult to take down the decorations and put all of them away. However, we did so because the holiday spirit lives in our hearts all year round, in every animal who is saved, in every person who is helped, and in every child who visits us and smiles with joy to realize how loved and well cared for are the pets at our Kennel of Hope.


partyMardi Paws is the name of a fun event that we are holding on Saturday, February 23 (bad weather date is Sunday, February 24), from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, at our sanctuary.

This time of year is so drab and dark, so we thought it would be a great idea to have a festive party. Music, great food, and great company – with 100% of the proceeds going to the animals at our shelter.

Live music to dance, dine and listen to will be provided by Kevin O’Connell and the Dixieland All-Stars. Another highlight of the evening is a silent auction of many high end, exiting items and door prizes all evening.

We hope you and your friends and family will spend this evening with us as we replace winter doldrums with music, laughter, and good fellowship – surrounded by hundreds of rescued animals to whose welfare all of us are dedicated.

mardimaskTickets for the buffet and for the silent auction are only $20 if purchased by February 15 (and $25 if purchased after February 15), which is a huge bargain in these tough economic times. Please purchase your tickets ahead of time so we can estimate how many people will be attending and maximize the money to help our animals.

Tickets will be available at the door as well, so feel free to attend even without advance reservation, but we hope you can purchase them earlier so we can have an accurate count for our caterer, Smokin’ Smitty’s. Menu items include grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, potatoes, vegetables, plus salads, appetizers, desserts, assorted munchies, and beverages.

You can get tickets at the shelter from 1 to 4 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday, and Sunday, or we can hold them at the door for you if you pay for them by mail. If your payment is postmarked by February 15, $20 is the ticket price. After that date, tickets are $25, either by mail or in person. For more info, phone Kelly at 610-762-8553 or email khart70906@aol.com.

Snow and bad weather date is Sunday, February 24.


aidlogo_redsmallFebruary is the month of love and our logo is a heart with a dog and cat sleeping together. It says share your heart with animals. Throughout February, March, and April, anyone giving a $25 donation can have a heart tribute hung in our Hospitality Center. It can be in honor of a pet, in memory of a pet, or in memory or honor of a special person.

We will send an acknowledgement of your thoughtfulness.

Just download a copy of the Hearts Tributes Form, fill it in and sent it to us, and we’ll do the rest. These tributes make very nice gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, even Happy Mother’s Day.


At the beginning of the year, we not only renew our commitment to a message of Hope for animals. We also renew our membership in our Kennel of Hope.

Members are invited to shelter events, receive the newsletter, nominate and vote for Board members, and go on record as supporting our work to preserve the dignity and lives of animals forsaken by others.

Please download and complete the Membership Form and send it in. If you are giving gift memberships, just attach a separate sheet of paper with the necessary information, and we will inform the recipient of your kindness.


Redner's Save-A-Tape Program benefits Animals In DistressThanks to all who send their Redner’s cash register receipts to the the shelter. We redeem them for cash. you must go to the Customer Service Desk and obtain a Save-A-Tape card that will allow your tapes to participate in the program. Keep those tapes coming! They are providing a nice stream of income, since we receive 1% of the tapes’ totals, excluding sales tax, milk and cigarette items.


SpookDid you ever have one of those days when you just want to scream? Well, I have had a few of those lately. Now, you folks know that I am a pretty sweet guy, over all, but some people really pluck my last whisker. Here’s one example.

Two 3-week-old kittens were abandoned in a box that was placed outside at a shopping mall. The box was placed in a shopping cart, and the kittens were inside, slowly fading away. What kind of a person does something like that?

Fortunately, upon hearing of the situation, one of our volunteers rescued the kittens and brought them in to our shelter. Both kittens were in horrible condition: eyes were pasted and oozing, breathing was a struggle due to a bad upper respiratory infection, parasites and worms were sucking up whatever nourishment they had, and they were starving.

Renee, rescued by Animals In Distress


We named them Mark and Renee. Both kittens were given all the care they needed and pulled through. Imagine if they had not been found in time? Imagine if there were not Animals in Distress to provide medical care, nursing, and time for them? Imagine the cold and twisted mind and soul of the person who left them there to die? Honestly, I don’t understand how people can be so cruel.

Anyway, the best part of this story is that both kittens eventually got homes and will have long, happy lives with families that love them.

I wanted you to know that we animals here at Animals In Distress are so lucky that folks like you care about them. I don’t know where we would be – or what would happen to us – without your help and love.

I was thinking about that a lot lately, since I have been back and forth to the vet hospital several times this past year because of various problems that occur due to my paralysis. I know that I would have died 4 years ago if not for the kindness of everyone at Animals In Distress, and I wanted to write my first column of 2013 to tell you that we all really do appreciate your support and caring for us.

Sometimes at night, when I am listening to the silence in the cat wing Purrfect Place, I saw a prayer that our home will always be safe, that the folks who take care of us will continue to love us, and that the people who support us will understand that our lives depend on them

Love and Licks,




Some of us shelter pets visited the kind folks at Valley Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Coopersburg. When people visit us at the shelter, we love the extra attention. And, based on these pictures, I think it’s fair to say that the folks at Valley Manor enjoyed our visit just as much as we love visitors. Sometimes, pictures say it all!

The pictures below show me in my little green travel cart. I’m sort of getting used to it and don’t mind being taken around for these kinds of visits. AID volunteers had a great time too. The arrows show where I am in my cart.

Bob Johnson and AID dog Sally (below) share a special moment with some admirers. Sally is an older lab with a sweet disposition. The gray in her face wasn’t a problem for anyone! Shortly after this visit, Sally was adopted (finally).



Imagine for a moment a tiny, 8 month old dog abandoned in a tough part of town. Imagine she is pregnant. Imagine that in giving birth, she experiences difficulty in delivering her babies. Imagine that there is no one around to help… or to care.

Such was the fate of a little affenpinscher type dog we took in. Quite literally, a dead puppy was trapped during delivery, and Monkee was walking around with this poor dead pup inside her. Yes, this is horrible. Of course, it is upsetting to read about. It’s even more upsetting to know that such misery exists and that no one knows or cares enough to do anything.

However – and this is the happy part of this story – there is Animals In Distress and all of its wonderful supporters. In other words, there is YOU!

Thanks to those who make our work possible, Monkee received emergency surgery to remove the pup and make sure that she would recover fully. That kind of rescue happens because we have the resources to get the medical help needed. Those resources do not come from the government, from taxes, or from politicians. Those funds come from people who care about the most helpless and forlorn of animals.

Monkee was adopted recently, and left us in perfect health. She will bring years of happiness to her family and has probably put all of her pain behind her. But do not take such rescues for granted. They are special because people who support us and our work are special: they care about animals they may never see. They love unconditionally. And they make Hope and Love possible, every day of the year, at Animals In Distress.