Posted: July 30, 2013

Many thanks to the generous businesses and people who make it possible for almost 100% of the money raised to go directly to the animals.

First is radio station WAEB790 and Bobby Gunther Walsh for their continuing support. Team Capital Bank again underwrote the event, and Ironton Telephone again provided the phone system. Allentown Fairgrounds Farmer’s market vendors provided delicious food:

Please patronize the businesses who so generously support our work.


Smokin’ Smitty’s Catering did a first rate job preparing and serving up all that great grub. Thanks also to Giant Food Store Bakery and others who donated food.

A very special thank you to Res-Q1250/N3 Oceanic for 2 hours of airtime on Sunday, for prizes, and for a challenge hour! And thanks to Dr. Diana Sorrentino of Lehigh Valley Paladin for sharing airtime on Sunday. Special thanks also to WAEB‘s Craig StevensDan Holzman and intern Josh Dylan.

Special thank you’s can be sent to:Bobby Gunther Walsh, WAEB 1541 Alta Drive, Whitehall, PA 18052 or email:



Many of these folks have also adopted from us – and now support us too. The circle of Love and Kindness continues!

  • Wanda and Leo DeLong
  • The Mory Family
  • Dave and Mary Snyder
  • Lowell Linde
  • Linda Hoffert
  • The Kotran Family
  • Daive Fair
  • Bob and Jan Thomas
  • Val Wolfenden
  • Kim Mokry
  • Ron and Judy Moyer
  • Kelly Hartnett
  • Carolyn Shaw
  • Penny Lenore Micolochick
  • Anita Hertzog
  • Christopher Compher
  • Heidi Maugle
  • and several folks who want to be anonymous

So many people were part of this Radiothon and helped in so many ways. Our shelter staff and volunteers took several animals to the station, and some people who had adopted from us also visited the station with their AID pet or a shelter pet.

Denny Repsher maintains the digital records of every pledge and took in-studio photos of all the animals, while Bev Repshercoordinated the phone answering in the studio, assisted by Barb GroffLinda HoffertCindy DeutschSally SearfassKelly HartnettAnita Patterson, and Bobbie Stoddard (evenings), and on the weekend, Cindy, Rose Yanger and Denise SchaeferRose Yanger coordinates the call-ins and challenge hours and matching money, as well as the prizes and thank yous.

Mail processing for several weeks was handled by Lois GadekLinda HoffertKelly Hartnett, and Nancy Michener. Also, Lois called in to Bobby’s show twice hourly to tell stories of the many rescues done since the past Radiothon.

Coordinating the setup of tables, grills and food at the kennel was an army of volunteers, including the folks from Smokin’ Smitty’s Catering. Countless volunteers performed countless tasks, which would take this whole newsletter to list. And special thanks to Cheryl, Stella, Linda, Kelly, Bob, John and Deb, and so many others for countless acts of kindness including setting up the auction and basket social displays, picking up tables and chairs and food items and… the list is endless!

Joining Bobby at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday were another group of volunteers (Sandy, Andrea, Mackenzie, Kelly, Dan Holzman and others). Thanks to all who donated items for the fabulous basket social and the Chinese auction, and who made baked goods and food items, and who helped in so many other ways. Special thanks to Anita Bielecki for taking photos on Sunday at the shelter.

A very special thanks to Lori Cima, kennel manager, for coordinating the studio visits and doing many other things to ensure that the shelter animals would be well cared for, especially during the busy times before, during and after the Radiothon.

Sincere thanks to all who helped in any way. Events like these take a lot of work and countless hours. Because of the generosity of our volunteers and supporters, almost 100% of the money raised goes directly to help animals – NOT to pay bills that run into the thousands and thousands of dollars because we had to pay for the helpers, the food, and the rpizes. Even the airtime and special promotions were donated so that our supporters could be sure that ALL their donation would go to help animals.

And the Winners Are…!

  • Barbara Katz of Allentown, Joel Kleckner of Emmaus and Paula Deal of Nazareth wonLunch with Gunther.
  • Cathleen Kimmerly of Bethlehem, Chester Puri of Phillipsburg, NJ, and Caryolyn Shaw of Kutztown won Allentown Fair Tickets.
  • Wayne and Linda Haluska of Bethlehem are the prize winners of gorgeous jewelry fromWestgate Jewelers, brunch at the Hotel Bethlehem, and a ride from Adamo Limo.
  • Mary Ann Broadhurst of Barto won a getaway at Oliver’s Salon & Day Spa.
  • Anita Hertzog of Allentown won the Comfort Suites prize.
  • Betty Lees of Barto won the R.J. Harwick pet portrait.
  • Kathleen Kovacs of Allentown will be playing golf at Wedgewood Golf Course.
  • Scott Detweiler of Allentown will not have any car problems, thanks to Steve’s Roadside Service.
  • Michael Lengel of Wernersville won a recliner from Hager Furniture and a rug from Joe Mascari’s Carpets and Rugs International.
  • Frank Alexander won a camera from Dan’s Camera.


Bobby Gunther Walsh from WAEB790 at Animals In Distress Radiothon 2013

Bobby Gunther Walsh from WAEB790 at Animals In Distress Radiothon 2013

After a huge amount of work and prayers, our 2013 WAEB Radiothon – our biggest fundraiser of the year – closed its total at a record-setting $129,357! That is wonderful news and an impressive total. It goes without saying that we really needed those funds, since we went into the Radiothon with an operating deficit of over $200,000. That deficit was and is due to the huge number of animals we are called upon to help, and the escalating costs of veterinary services and supplies, food, kennel supplies (for example, we go through a mountain of cat litter every month), utilities, … well, you know.

What always is so impressive and touching about the Radiothon is the outpouring of love and kindness from so many people. Donors send pledges with the kindest notes; people come to the weekend events with pictures of their pets and warm words of encouragement.

Volunteers schedule their vacations around the Radiothon, and some (many) use precious vacation days so they can help out all during Radiothon week.

Several businesses, not the least of which is the WAEB/ClearChannel team, donate services and items for prizes so that 100% of the funds we raise go directly to animal rescue and care.

Dennis Krause of Sound Surge Mobile DJ at Radiothon 2013

Dennis Krause of Sound Surge Mobile DJ at Radiothon 2013

One example of extraordinary caring involves our volunteer DJ Dennis Krause of Sound Surge Mobile DJ. Dennis scheduled surgery so that he would be available for the Radiothon. Due to complications, he nearly died! And his only concern was that if he died, he would let us down! He was so worried that he would not be able to help us on Sunday as he has for the past many years! We are so touched by his devotion and that of our friends, who year after year generously step up with their offers of time and money.

Sometimes, when the evil and sadness in the world get so overwhelming, we think of the care and devoted friends of our shelter/sanctuary and are reminded that much good and decency still exist in the world. It is so easy to give up sometimes, but giving up is not an option if we want to continue to care for the lives we have saved, and to save even more lives. Some of these animals have gone through years of pain and desperation, and still they are able to try just one more time; they won’t give up, and neither will we and our many wonderful friends.

Thank you. You have made light shine in the darkness; made life an option over death; made hope possible; and banished despair. May you and those you care about be blessed with the knowledge that your kindness and support have made a huge difference in this world, and in the lives of hundreds of animals who call Animals In Distress their sanctuary and their home.


Posted: May 20, 2013

Dr. Joe Sobel and Bobby Gunther Walsh

Dr. Joe Sobel and Bobby Gunther Walsh


Historic Limeport Stadium was the site for the 26th benefit softball game to support our shelter’s work. Despite rainy and miserable weather, both teams played valiantly, cheered on by Dr. Joe Sobel and Bobby Gunther Walsh. A total of $3532 was raised for the animals, who are the real winners of this game!

A very special player appeared to launch the first ball: Anton, a former AID cat who came to us with a broken back but eventually regained the use of his paralyzed hind legs, proudly delivered the first “pitch” by taking a ball (velcroed to his sporty t-shirt) all the way out to the pitcher’s mound. Anton was escorted by his proud owner, Jeff Benner, who spent weeks training Anton to perform flawlessy. Anton was exhausted after his purrformance and took a nap back at our shelter, using the baseball as a cushion for his head!

Anton delivers the first pitch of the game.

Anton delivers the first pitch of the game.

Many thanks to all who made this event possible, starting with all of the staff and friends of WAEB and AccuWeather. Special thanks to our dedicated staff and shelter volunteers who again cooked and served the delicious food at the stadium, handled the raffle, and did countless other chores at the stadium and also back at our shelter. Denise Shaffer again helped to provide emergency medical care. Thanks also to the fine folks at Limeport Stadium, whose hospitality and kindness are much appreciated.


Allen Audiology generously sponsored the game this year.

Very special thanks to Bob and Jan Thomas for donating $500 for a challenge to the game attendees! Delicious food for the cookout after the game was again donated by the Allentown Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market. Thanks also to Link BeverageDan’s Camera CityYocco’s Hot Dogs, and other donors of food and prizes.

Anton resting after the WAEB/AccuWeather Softball game to benefit Animals In Distress

Anton Resting after the Game

A final big thank you to all of our newsletter readers and all of the WAEB fans who bought raffle tickets, attended the game, and in general supported this event (and many others throughout the year).

Top raffle prize winners: Robert Focht of Allentown won a Weber gas grill donated by Lehigh Appliances and SupplyMr. and Mrs. James Evely of Nazareth won a gorgeous pair of earrings donated by Westgate Jewelers of Bethlehem.



Posted: February 25, 2013

We just had the most AMAZING party. Our volunteers have to be some of the best people on earth. They spent so many hours getting this affair together… and what a night it was! It was called “Mardi Paws” and it was a big giant Mardi Gras celebration to raise money for all of the animals at Animals In Distress.

You should have seen how beautiful the Hospitality Center looked. It was all sparkly… full of twinkly lights and pretty decorations. Marla Burke is our super duper volunteer coordinator, and she and her crew sure were busy!

We couldn't do it without our fantastic volunteers!

Smokin' Smitty's grilled delicious food for Mardi Paws at Animals in Distress

There was all sorts of delicious food, organized by caterer Smokin’ Smitty’s (shown here) in conjunction with several volunteers.

Nancy, Brian, and their crew really outdid themselves with a menu of grilled entrees and veggies. Shrimp cocktail, a huge array of hot and cold appetizers and munchies, almost uncountable desserts and goodies… wow!

We had the largest crowd ever, so more seating was needed for people to eat their meal and just chat. And that is how Cafe Spook was created. Yes… tables and chairs were set up in the cat wing, Purrfect Place, and you should have seen the line-up of felines who watched from the windows of their social rooms as people chowed down on their food. They all loved the company and extra attention.

Some past AID pets also came to the party with their loving owners. Anton, the scene stealing cat who is pictured here also came to strut his stuff. One of the really neat things about adoptions is that many adopting families become volunteers at our shelter. Isn’t that neat? They know better than most the value of our rescue work, since one (or more than one) of our shelter animals is now living with them, like a daily reminder of all of the animals who are still waiting to find a home. Some will probably never get adopted, but that’s ok too, since they are loved and cared for here, at the Kennel of Hope, by our AID “Family.”

Anton was dressed for the Party     A live Dixieland band entertained the guests at Mardi Paws     Cheryl and dog Madeline had a great time at Mardi Paws

Besides the yummy food, there was a silent auction of some really great items. Our volunteers set up the great items in the auction and did a zillion other things to make the night such a success.

And do you know what else? There was even a live Dixieland band! And these guys played so great. Thanks to Ronnie, the drummer, for making all the arrangements – and for volunteering to pet all us cats as well. One of our talented volunteers, Anita, is a photographer, and all of her wonderful pictures prove that a great time was had by all.

Thank you to everyone who came to our party, and to those who helped out by donating auction items or food or those who gave monetary donations. Thanks also to the most amazing, wonderful, caring group of volunteers in the whole world! You give so much of your time and talents for all of the animals and they love you for it!

When you look at the state of the world in all its craziness, it’s really nice to know that the state of world at Animals In Distress is so kind and loving. And that’s because of all of YOU who care so much and give so much love to all of the animals. THANK YOU FOR CARING!

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