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What happens with the money you donate?

Your donation will be used for just one purpose: helping animals who would have little to no help elsewhere. 100% of donations are used for animal care. No one gets paid for fund raising, administrative tasks, and other non-animal care duties. Also, Animals In Distress has never received any tax dollars and relies totally on voluntary donations from people who care.

The reason your donation means so much is that it saves lives. Animals who are desperately injured and scared need help immediately. Usually there is no time to find the money to help them by conducting a special fundraiser just for them: they need our help NOW! Veterinary care (which is a HUGE expense for us even after discounts), medical supplies and special foods average $15,000 to $ 20,000 EACH MONTH.

Once Animals In Distress has saved an animal, that cat or dog has a home for the rest of its life. While we are successful in finding homes for most of our rescues, some animals will not be adopted, due to health issues, age, behavior, or some other reason. no matter what, each animal in our shelter has a home for as long as it needs it, for life, if necessary.

To see firsthand what we do, every day of the year, check out our newsletters, videos, and photo galleries on our web site. Better yet, visit us and see for yourself how much good is being done with your support. Look at the hundreds of animals we house at our sanctuary, and you will know that your donation matters more than words can express.

The choice is yours. You make the difference between life and death, between peace and fear, between safety and pain. If the animals could speak, they would thank you for caring about them when others do not care. Every donation is sincerely appreciated. Every dollar you donate goes to the animals who need help the most.