AID Shelter Changes Due to Coronavirus

Effective Immediately
In compliance with declarations of emergency by our Governor and our President, Animals in Distress will be closed to the public until further notice.
Our open hours and our Monday night volunteer activities are suspended for the foreseeable future. All other volunteers will be suspended unless contacted personally.
Our Volunteer Orientation on March 24 is cancelled, as are our Easter Bunny Pet Photos on March 29 and April 4. We will evaluate whether our April 26 Bingo will be held as scheduled or postponed to a later date, probably in the fall.

If you have donations of food, toys, etc., please leave them on the front porch of the shelter and someone will take them inside.

If you have monetary donations, please mail them to P.O. Box 609, Coopersburg, PA 18036.

If you are interested in adopting a cat or dog, please check back in a few weeks to see if we are open to the public.

Updated information will be available on our website at, or by emailing us at

We appreciate your understanding in this difficult time. Be assured that the 300+ animals in our shelter are being well cared for by our dedicated staff.


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