WAEB Radiothon 2013 Sets a Record!

Bobby Gunther Walsh from WAEB790 at Animals In Distress Radiothon 2013

Bobby Gunther Walsh from WAEB790 at Animals In Distress Radiothon 2013

After a huge amount of work and prayers, our 2013 WAEB Radiothon – our biggest fundraiser of the year – closed its total at a record-setting $129,357! That is wonderful news and an impressive total. It goes without saying that we really needed those funds, since we went into the Radiothon with an operating deficit of over $200,000. That deficit was and is due to the huge number of animals we are called upon to help, and the escalating costs of veterinary services and supplies, food, kennel supplies (for example, we go through a mountain of cat litter every month), utilities, … well, you know.

What always is so impressive and touching about the Radiothon is the outpouring of love and kindness from so many people. Donors send pledges with the kindest notes; people come to the weekend events with pictures of their pets and warm words of encouragement.

Volunteers schedule their vacations around the Radiothon, and some (many) use precious vacation days so they can help out all during Radiothon week.

Several businesses, not the least of which is the WAEB/ClearChannel team, donate services and items for prizes so that 100% of the funds we raise go directly to animal rescue and care.

Dennis Krause of Sound Surge Mobile DJ at Radiothon 2013

Dennis Krause of Sound Surge Mobile DJ at Radiothon 2013

One example of extraordinary caring involves our volunteer DJ Dennis Krause of Sound Surge Mobile DJ. Dennis scheduled surgery so that he would be available for the Radiothon. Due to complications, he nearly died! And his only concern was that if he died, he would let us down! He was so worried that he would not be able to help us on Sunday as he has for the past many years! We are so touched by his devotion and that of our friends, who year after year generously step up with their offers of time and money.

Sometimes, when the evil and sadness in the world get so overwhelming, we think of the care and devoted friends of our shelter/sanctuary and are reminded that much good and decency still exist in the world. It is so easy to give up sometimes, but giving up is not an option if we want to continue to care for the lives we have saved, and to save even more lives. Some of these animals have gone through years of pain and desperation, and still they are able to try just one more time; they won’t give up, and neither will we and our many wonderful friends.

Thank you. You have made light shine in the darkness; made life an option over death; made hope possible; and banished despair. May you and those you care about be blessed with the knowledge that your kindness and support have made a huge difference in this world, and in the lives of hundreds of animals who call Animals In Distress their sanctuary and their home.


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