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Animals In Distress: Lehigh Valley's first no-kill animal shelter

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How you can help:

AID's Rescues

Every year, Animals In Distress rescues countless animals thanks to your generosity. Animals receive medical care, rehabilitation, foster care and behavioral training to prepare them for their "forever home."

Here are just a few more examples of the work we do every day. Visit the shelter and see your contributions in action. You may even find a furry friend to adopt.

Rescues from 2016 - 2017

Every year, Animals In Distress is able to rescue cats and dogs in need of medical attention, a new home, and most important, Love. Thanks to the people who support our rescue and rehabilitation work. Every dollar donated goes to help make happy endings to sad stories. Please help us save them.

David, rescued by Animals In Distress


David was found with his entire body encrusted with feces, trying to lick himself clean. Testing found various parasites, including lung worms, lung damage and severe heart problems.

With the right treatment, David is now on the road to recovery. Medications and diet have inproved his diarrhea and heart meds are keeping his condition under control.

Without Animals In Distress, David would not have survived.

Terrie, rescued by Animals In Distress


Terrie's elderly owner could no longer provide the care that he needed and her vet recommended euthanasia.

Terrie's diabetes is now being regulated with insulin and grooming and a nail trim relieved him of the discomfort he was in due to mats and long toenails curling into the pads of his paws.

He is a sweet and loving dog in search of a forever home with someone who can take care of his medical needs

Thor, rescued by Animals In Distress


Only two years old, Thor was found closer to death than life. He was unable to eat. The people who found him were turned away everywhere they tried to get help for him.

After extensive medical treatment, Thor is now in a foster home being tube fed - a feeding tube is implanted in his neck. He was diagnosed with a condition that affected the muscles of his jaw. He is starting to show interest in eating on his own. Thor is on his way to recovery thanks to the kindness of your donations.

Zinka, rescued by Animals In Distress


This pair of Huskies spent 6 years outside, often not fed, covered in ticks and fleas -- cold in the winter, sweltering in the summer. They were no longer wanted so AID took them in and provided them with a safe loving home and the medical care they needed.

Both tested positive for lyme disease. Zinka (shown in this photo) had a wound under her eye and tumors along her mammary glands, which were fortunately benign. Zinka has recently found a home. We hope Mya will find one soon.

Lindsey & Logan, rescued by Animals In Distress


Lindsey developed violent seizures after being rescued. Too young for a lot of diagnostics, she was given medication to control the seizures and hasn't had any since.

Logan had horrible infections in both eyes. Removing one eye was even considered. The infections have healed and he is blind but that doesn't stop him from enjoying life.

They have found a forever home together and have recently been adopted..

Max, rescued by Animals In Distress


Max lived with the same family for 14 years but they were moving and no longer wanted him. Badly neglected for a long time, Max had a huge black growth on his lower lip. The stench from his mouth was indescribable.

Surgery to remove the mass on his lip resulted in several teeth being pulled out of their sockets because they were entwined in the matted hair around the mass. Max has few teeth left but he feels like a new dog, thanks to Animals In Distress.

Han Solo, rescued by Animals In Distress


Two tiny kittens were found under a car - with parasites, dehydrated and a severe upper respiratory infection. The SPCA where they were taken euthanized one kitten because it was too sick. The people who rescued the pair brought the remaining kitten to AID in search of help.

After receiving medical care, he went into a foster home. Only able to breathe with one functioning lung, he received a breathing treatment three times a day. He is now a healthy, spunky mischievious little guy because he got the care he desperately needed.