Tails of Hope: The Newsletter of Animals In Distress, Coopersburg, PA


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Sunday, June 1, 2014 from noon to 4 pm

After the Laps of Love Walkathon
(register at 10am for Laps)

Bring a lawn chair and relax all day at our sanctuary.


 Canine Playground in our Agility Yard 
 Displays  Doggie Hors d’Oeuvres 
 Fabulous Basket Social  Bake Sale 
 Live Music compliments of Donna Fisher and Friends 
 Food and Beverages  Craft & Gift Bazaar 
 Homemade Dog Biscuits  Door Prizes  Fabulous Raffles 
 Free Copy of Commemorative Journal 


Pet Cake Walk – 12:45
(walk with our without a pet)

Pet/Owner Lookalike Contest

Visits to the Garden of Heroes

Baskets, bake sale items and homemade dog biscuits are needed. Please deliver by 11am on June 1.


An enthusiastic crowd of friends and supporters attended the WAEB-AccuWeather Benefit Softball Game on May 4th. Dr. Joe Sobel and the AccuWeather group racked up more points than WAEB, but everyone was a winner in our eyes! The total of $2067.10 was raised through raffle ticket and food sales, and donations.

Many thanks to Bobby Gunther Walsh and WAEB for hosting the event again, to Dr. Joe and the AccuWeather family for making the long trip, and to all the businesses who donated prizes and food.Allen Audiology again sponsored the event. Southern Lehigh living Memorial Community Park kindly allowed the game to be played on their softball field, and Bob Trexler made sure everything was ready for the game. Denise Schaffer (medic) was present to make certain everyone had a safe and fun afternoon. Thanks also to Sean Rickoski for singing the National Anthem, to all our volunteers for an incredible effort in preparing and serving food both at the game and at the reception at the shelter after the game, to Bobby’s Race Crew, to the WAEB staff, to the AccuWeather team, and to Jeff Benner and Anton the cat, who threw out the first ball (sort of).

Winner of a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings (worth $1200) donated by Westgate Jewelers was Fred Uelses of Wind Gap. Lucky Caroline George won a $500 man’s watch donated by our friends at Westgate JewelersNancy Mihalko of Coopersburg won the gas grill donated by Lehigh Supply Appliances, and many other attendees won an assortment of prizes, gift certificates, t-shirts and other items.

Many thanks for the support of Coca-Cola Bottling of the Lehigh ValleyYocco’s Hot DogsLink Beverages, and WAEB-790AM.

The food for the cookout after the game was sponsored by Lehigh Valley Acura Honda Hyundai and Phillipsburg Easton Hyundaithe Vinart dealerships – your pet friendly auto dealers – and loving care by our volunteers. By coming to the reception after the game, the players and members of teh audience get to see what they were playing for!

Special thanks to all of our staff and volunteers for doing hundreds of tasks to prepare for the event and to set up at the field, cook and serve the food at the game, and coordinate a thousand other details. Our volunteers do so many things throughout the year, giving so generously of their time (and money), and we just could not hold such events without all of them.

A final thank you to all our newsletter readers and to the WAEB listeners who bought raffle tickets, came to the game, and in general, supported this event.

Click this image to enlarge a collage of images from the day.

2014 Animals In Distress benefit softball game


Easter and other events at the shelter are special for all of us because we get to see some of the pets who have been adopted from us. We rescued and cared for those animals, sometimes for years, so we become very attached emotionally with those animals. When one gets adopted, we are thrilled to see it go into a loving family, of course. But we always appreciate knowing how they are doing. Most of our adopting families keep us posted by sending pictures, emails, and letters, and of course, by personal visits to the shelter.

The dog shown here was Tipsy (renamed Daphne), who suffered massive breaks in her pelvis/hip area due to being hit by a car. She received extensive medical care, including orthopedic surgery and months of physical rehabilitation, before being adopted by Sherry Hillborn and her hubby. Sherri, pictured here, smiles proudly with the Easter Bunny and holds her precious Daphne. Sherri is a devoted shelter volunteer as well, and understands the importance of our life saving work. Also pictured is a kitty named Dan-D-Lion, who had a lot of medical issues but is doing well in his new home. He’s not too thrilled about meeting the Easter Bunny but enjoyed seeing his old friends from the shelter!


The Easter Bunny, Daphne & Sherri


The Easter Bunny and Dan-D-Lion

Alumni Day and the Laps of Love are coming up on June 1st. Dozens of adopted pets will be there, some via pictures if they don’t like to travel. And the whole day is like one big Homecoming. Indeed, when you think about it, Animals In Distress is their home, for as long as they need it. And just because the animal has been adopted, that doesn’t mean the shelter is still not their home. It’s sort of like when someone grows up and moves away from the parents, “home” is still, in a sense, where you have roots, where you have connections, where you have unconditional love and acceptance. So, please plan to join us on Alumni Day. You will see one of the happiest Homecomings ever, for people and for animals. Plus you are welcome to visit with the hundreds of cats and dogs who now call Animals In Distress their “home.”

By the way, you are welcome even if you haven’t adopted from us. It is a fun day for people who love animals and who want to be around a happy and life affirming environment. The Commemorative Journal given to each family in attendance is a memorable keepsake of the day and contains many messages, tributes, and features embodying the love that people have for animals and for the work done by Animals In Distress.

Please plan to be part of this special day: participate in the Laps of Love (you can walk with or without a pet – or you can say home, send good thoughts, and maybe send in a much needed donation or sponsorship for the Laps – especially for Team Spook). Be there – in person or in spirit! You will have a memorable time and be part of the Animals In Distress “family.”




Well, folks, it’s going on 3 months since I crossed the Rainbow Bridge and made it up here to Heaven. I thought I would share a few of my observations, since I never stop watching and loving all of you. Just because my body died doesn’t mean that I am gone. It just means that I am not there where you can “see” me, if you get my drift!

Anyway, I have noticed a few things about the View from Up Here. First is that I can see pretty much everything that goes on. It’s not like I’m a spy, or anything. It’s just that I can see the heartbeat of Animals In Distress. I see our staff coming in first thing in the morning, ready for a day of taking care of all the animals who depend on them for food, medical care, and love.

What a happy sight it is to see them, knowing that we will all be cared for that day. you know, some of us have gone for a long time without anyone to take care of us. Some have known what it is to be hungry, really hungry to the point where it hurts. And scared. And in pain. And afraid and alone. So knowing that we can count on life being kind is a real blessing.

I also see the poor animals who come to the shelter in rough shape. They look so sad to me, so broken, sort of like I did over 6 years ago when I was a tiny kitten with paralyzed hind quarters. Sad. Sad. Sad. But it is wonderful to see how lovingly these new arrivals are treated. Broken hearts can heal, as can broken bodies, with love, care, and hope.

sandy-ovalI was particularly interested in an orange senior cat who came in during the baseball game weekend. Maybe I related to her so much because she is orange and I am sort of a buff orange. Anyway, she is very sweet, and I am glad she is safe at Animals In Distress. I was sad to hear that she is deaf, since she will never hear the kind words now being spoken to her. Her ears were all infected and ugly looking, so I assume her deafness may be the result of not being well cared for. She was found hiding under a shrub in that torrential downpour we had recently. She was screaming and screaming as loud as she could, and someone heard her screams. She was drenched to the skin and very upset. Her name is Sandy.

What amazes me is how a life can turn on one moment or one happening. If she had not been heard, she would have died. If she had not screamed at the right time, no one would have known she was there, in desperate need. If she had taken cover farther away from where people are, her screams would not have been heard. If people who didn’t help were there, she would have died rather than being rescued.

From here in Heaven, I constantly see things like this. Moments when a kind word or a kind deed can make all the difference. From here in Heaven, I can see how important it is for all of us to be kind to each other. Kindness is something we can all control; it costs nothing, and is always the right choice because it makes the world a little better. I love the quote “No act of kindess is ever wasted”… I absolutely love it. Simple, clear, and so true.

Anyway, stop in and meet Sandy (that’s the name of the rescued screamer). She seems to be a nice girl. After her vet check and some time to settle in, we’ll know her purrsonality a lot better. Maybe you would like to adopt her? Or maybe you can donate something so we can help her and other needy animals like her.

For now, remember: I am never far away from Animals In Distress. Never.

paw2Love to you all,
Your Friend and Guardian Angel,



You, your friends (two and four legged), your family, co-workers, neighbors and all who want to help our fellow creatures, are invited to come out and have a great day of fun and meeting new friends. It’s a time to share your heart with animals.

laps03Registration fee for Laps of Love is $10.00 per person. Bring your registration form filled out to the registration table the day of the event.

The event will be held at Animals In Distress, 5075 Limeport Pike, Coopersburg, PA. To get there, take Route 309 to Saucon Valley Road West. Go to dead end (second stop sign) and make a left onto Limeport Pike. Go 1/2 mile; the shelter is on the right, just past Wedgewood Golf Course. The phone number is 610-966-9383.

Registration will begin on Sunday, June 1 at 10:00 am. In the event of major rain, call the shelter after 8am to see if the day’s events have been rescheduled.

Those who get sponsorships of $50.00 or more will get a free Animals In Distress t-shirt. Whoever brings in the most sponsorship will receive a special prize. The laps will begin at 10:30 am. We will take 5 laps around the shelter. After each lap, you will stop at the “Lap Table” to open a bright colored egg that represents springtime and the renewal of life. Check the contents of the egg to see if you are a winner for a variety of prizes. Winners proceed to the prize table to pick up their prize, and then it’s on to the next lap.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone out there to help all those precious souls that just need time, care and love to mend their broken bodies and hearts so they can find their forever home.

Following is our Pets and People Party Alumni Day from noon to 4 pm.

Please download a registration. And don’t forget, if you aren’t able to attend, or if you are attending but want to support Team Spook, you can check the “Team Spook” box on the registration form.




Elvira, a very pregnant young cat, gave birth to a litter shortly after arriving at our shelter. She and the whole litter have battled chronic gastrointestinal problems, but seem to be doing so much better now.

Some of the kittens have gotten adopted, while mom and a couple of kittens remain. The time and medical care required to save this little family were substantial. Elvira and her babies would have died if not for your help. Good wishes alone aren’t enough to pay vet bills, buy medical supplies and prescription food, cover utilities, etc.


Elvira (mom)













Tuesday, May 27
7:00 pm
at Animals In Distress

Applications and guidelines are available from our web site.
Click here for more information.


Sunday, June 1
10:00 am – Registration
10:30 am – Walkathon starts

This event will be a lot of fun for you and your dog (or cat). You don’t need a pet to walk. Just come and enjoy the good friends and fun!

Get sponsorships (download a registration form here). Also, Team Spook appreciates your support, even if you can’t come. Just mail in your donation for Team Spook, and he will get the credit in his total. Spook always wanted to do his best for his home and those who saved his life, so please consider honoring his memory by donating to Team Spook.


Sunday, June 1
Noon to 4:00 pm
at Animals In Distress

Set this date aside now! The Commemorative Journal listings deadline has been extended to May 20. Download a listing order form here.

Come and enjoy live music, games, a basket social, and much more. Please bring donated baskets for the basket raffle to the shelter by May 31.


July 14 – 20
at Animals In Distress

Donations for Challenge Hours and for incentive prizes are needed now. Please contact us if you can help with either at aidpa@enter.net or 610-966-9383 ex. 8. Donations during the on air portion of the Radiothon are encouraged when people know that they can make every dollar they donate double or triple its value during these Challenge Hours. Even if you can’t do a Challenge Hour, PLEASE consider donating early so we can start with a good amount toward our final total.

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and is essential to our ability to continue our work.