Tails of Hope: The Newsletter of Animals In Distress, Coopersburg, PA







Sunday, June 3, 2012 from noon to 4 pm

After the Laps of Love Walkathon
(register at 10am for Laps)

Bring a lawn chair and relax all day at our sanctuary.


 Canine Playground •  Bake Sale Pet Goodies
 Homemade Dog Biscuits  Great Food and Beverages •
• Live Music compliments of Donna Fisher and Friends 
Basket Social Craft & Gift Bazaar 
Sampler of Tastefully Simple ProductsPet Massages
 Free Copy of Commemorative Journal 


Pet Cake Walk – 12:45
(walk with our without a pet- come on, you cat adopters!)

Various Pet Contests – 2:00:

Pet/Owner Lookalike Contest
(cats can enter through photos)

The Smartest Pet

The Most Stylish and Fashionable Pet
(pictures are ok)

The Best Trick

Basket Social Drawing – 3:45

Baskets, bake sale items and homemade dog biscuits are needed. Please deliver by 11am on June 1.
Special prize drawings for people who adopted pets from our shelter. Thank you for sharing your home and heart with a shelter animal!


Ok, folks – here it is: Alumni Day is on June 3, and we want YOU to be there! We put in a lot of work to get everything ready, but it won’t be as much fun without all of our friends too. In addition, I want to see a lot more cats represented at this event. Yes, cats!! Last year, a former AID cat who had been PARALYZED walked the whole course, along with a bunch of dogs. His name is Anton – and his purrson is Jeff. Lucky guy, he gradually regained use of his legs – that is amazing. But on top of that, he walked the whole distance – and didn’t mind being surrounded by all those dogs and their humans. He inspires me to call on all cats and their people to join TEAM SPOOK – maybe I’ll even considering giving him some billing by calling the team TEAM SPOOK and Anton! What do you think??

Of course, we all know that most of us finicky felines do not like to travel much, so here’s what I propose. How about you humans showing up, and representing your cats? That way, the cats are happy, you’re happy, the volunteers at AID are happy,  and – most important of all – I will be happy! Let’s get down to basics.

powerFirst, the Laps of Love Walkathon around the property usually involves dogs. Yes, one or two cats – like Anton – show up, but really, folks, the dogs steal the day. Well, I have decided that this canine monopoly has to stop – and stop NOW!

Last year, I decided to create a group called TEAM SPOOK (named after me, of course!). And you were all invited to become members of my team. To do so, you just had to show up for the Laps registration at 10 am and say you were joining TEAM SPOOK. If you were or are a cat adopter or owner (actually, the cat “owns” you – but that’s a topic for another newsletter), you can walk in the Laps event in honor of your wonderful cat(s). There is no need for your cat to attend, so long as you walk in his/her place.

Now, here’s the next thing: suppose you can’t attend the Laps event or Alumni Day. You’ll miss out on a nice day, but we will understand. Anyway, if you can’t show up on June 3, you can still help us by sending in a sponsorship donation on behalf of TEAM SPOOK. Just indicate your sponsorship on the donation coupon, and your amount will be added to the total.

Now, folks, I have to raise more money for Animals in Distress than all those dogs raise. It’s a matter of feline pride first, and my purrsonal reputation second. I am tired of hearing those dogs brag that they show up for more events and raise more money than we cat folks do. That’s not fair, and I am no longer going to just sit back on this. It’s time to act – NOW!

spookbeePlease, please, please…join TEAM SPOOK, save lives, and honor all us felines at the same time. You will feel purrfectly great about helping, and I will purrsonally thank you when you come to visit me. Plus, I heard that Anton will attend again this year: he is a fantastic representative of the work done by Animals in Distress so you can meet him as well as say hi to me.

If you still think we don’t mean what we say, just look at my picture. It was taken at the Easter Bunny photo sessions we held. Look, folks: if I tolerate wearing a headband with a big, fat bumble bee on it, just to raise some $ and build some good will, could you please help too? We need the money AND I can only lower my dignity so far.


MAY 20

Plan to attend the annual sports fund raising event when radio station WAEB 790AM‘s Bobby Gunther Walsh cheers on the team from WAEB, as they play against the AccuWeather Team and Dr. Joe Sobel from State College. The date for the game is 1:00 pm on Sunday, May 20 (rain or shine).

The game is played with lots of humor, and there’s a lot of lively competition and plenty of joking around among the participants. No one really knows what will happen next.

baseballFood, beverages, and goodies will be available around noon and during the game. The location is the historic Limeport Stadium just a few minutes from our sanctuary down Limeport Pike. Listen to WAEB 790AM, 5:30 to 9:00 am, for the late breaking details and final plans.

Food and beverages will be available. This year’s game is the 25th benefit game played for our behalf, so it is very special. In addition, the game will be played to honor the memory of Ken Reeves, a strong supporter of the game and a valued member of the AccuWeather Family. Sadly, Ken was killed in an accident a few months ago, and all who knew him are saddened by this terrible loss. Our condolences to his family and the folks at AccuWeather.

Fund raising highlight of the afternoon will be a raffle drawing for various prizes, including tickets for shows, dinner certificates, and gifts of all sorts. This year’s exceptional top prize is a fine piece of jewelry, donated by our friends at Westgate Jewelers. Winners of the drawing do not have to be present to win. 

To enter the drawing – and support a very worthy cause – fill out and return the raffle tickets that you can download below. Mail them or bring them to the shelter so that we receive them by May 18, or bring them to the game. Call the shelter at (610) 966-9383 ext. 8 if you would like to purchase (or can sell) more tickets. 100% of your donation goes to the needy pets at the Kennel of Hope.


Sometimes, we find ourselves struggling with a big decision: should we, or shouldn’t we? To be, or not to be…you know, that sort of dilemma. Well, sometimes, we see that kind of struggle when people are considering adopting a pet. Their hearts pull them in the direction of an animal that isn’t perfect, that perhaps has a health issue, or a behavioral problem, or both. It’s a great animal, and their hearts are drawn back to it, over and over again, but they hesitate. And that hesitation is a very good thing, since it means that they are concerned about their ability to provide a forever home for that special pet.

kellyandhyacinthRecently, we saw such a struggle of the heart when volunteer and new Board member Kelly Hartnett was debating whether or not to add another cat to her family. She had already adopted a blind cat named Lexi and an old cat named Maryann from us, but she had fallen in love with a little ragamuffin cat named Hyacinth.

By most standards, Hyacinth isn’t the most desirable pet. In fact, many places would label her “unadoptable” and euthanize her. She has had a series of skin problems, tends to have loose stools and even diarrhea, is at least 12 years old, and sometimes doesn’t use the litter box. She is difficult to give pills to and needs to wear a little sweater because the fur that was shaved off isn’t growing back very well. Have we painted a picture of a cat that no one could love, at least not enough to take home?

Well, here’s the best part of this story: Kelly decided to adopt Hyacinth, knowing all the challenges involved. She adopted her because she loves her. She adopted her because her other cats and her lifestyle could be adjusted to the extent that Hyacinth could fit in. She adopted her because she listened to the strong and relentless messages from her heart.

So many of our shelter animals have what some would consider flaws: they are old, or blind, or limping, or diabetic, or difficult, or too energetic, or too…well, you can fill in the blank. Their lives are considered worthless by some. Why keep these animals alive, some people ask. Who would want such animals? The answer to those questions is simple and yet profound: those animals deserve a chance, a life, love, and dignity. Furthermore, there are people out there – like Kelly, like Jeff Benner (who has adopted several special needs cats), like Carol Salisbury (who has taken in some older and terminally ill animals), and so many others…people who follow their hearts, whose hearts are large enough to see the potential in animals who would be considered “unadoptable” by some.

So, on our 35th Alumni Day this year, we honor all those who have adopted from us over 35 years – and give special recognition to those who gave the “unadoptables” a loving home and a second chance. We also honor all our volunteers, friends, and supporters who have made it possible for pets like Hyacinth (and Spook too) to have a home and a life. Those 35 years translate into many thousands of animals who have been saved, who have been loved, and who have been treated with dignity and unconditional acceptance.


of work, money, hope, and love to do the kind of rescue work we have been doing for 35 years. Consistently, through some really bad times, our efforts have continued…honestly, we nearly went under several times, but somehow we struggled to survive and continued on as a true Kennel of Hope.

Some might say that our 35 years have been a miracle. Yes, that is true…but that “miracle” has had a lot of help from people who donated their time and money to make that miracle a reality. That would not have happened for 35 years without a lot of good people doing a lot of generous and selfless acts of kindness.

We have several fund raising events coming up – the WAEB/AccuWeather Softball Game and raffle, the Laps of LoveAlumni Day (did you take out a listing in our 35th Anniversary Journal?), and our WAEB Radiothon. We need your help to make all of these a success. Right now, we are seeking donations for challenges during the Radiothon: if someone offers a $500 challenge, then we ask people listening to match that challenge by donating towards that goal. Basically, people get inspired to donate when they feel they are doubling their money.

Folks, we need the money. Last year, we ended with a $119,000 operating deficit. That amount is not due to high salaries or luxurious spending; it is vet bills, utilities, etc. – the necessities of the work we do. Even with all non-animal care duties being done by unpaid volunteers, we still are falling short by a disturbing amount. We can blame the economy, life in general, or poor priorities in our society where animals are considered expendable. However, none of those reasons erases the fact that we need to raise more funds. Period. Lives depend on us. People depend on us.

Please do what you can to help: take out a Journal listing, buy some raffle tickets at the WAEB softball game, get sponsors for the Laps of Love, and provide challenge money for the Radiothon. Most of all, donate what you can, when you can. We can’t do our work without YOU.