Mardi Paws 2014

Mardi Paws was a Good Time for All!

Anton dressed in his Mardi Paws hat and beads

Anton dressed in his Mardi Paws hat and beads

We just had the most AMAZING party to chase away Winter’s gloom! Our volunteers hosted a festive Mardi Gras celebration to raise money and smiles.

The festive decorations, delicious array of hot and cold foods from appetizers to endless desserts ensured that everyone was well fed, and the live Dixieland music by Kevin O’Connell and the Dixieland All-Stars was superb.

Some past AID pets also came to the party with their loving owners. Anton, the scene stealing cat who is pictured here, also came to strut his stuff. One of the really neat things about adoptions is that many adopting families become volunteers at our shelter. Isn’t that neat? They know better than most the value of our rescue work since one (or more than one) of our shelter animals is now living with them, like a daily reminder of all of the animals who are still waiting to find a home.

Anyway, besides the outstanding food, music, and decorations, there was a silent auction of some really great items. Our volunteers set up the auction and did a zillion other things to make the night such a success.


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