Mardi Paws 2013: A Good Time For All

We just had the most AMAZING party. Our volunteers have to be some of the best people on earth. They spent so many hours getting this affair together… and what a night it was! It was called “Mardi Paws” and it was a big giant Mardi Gras celebration to raise money for all of the animals at Animals In Distress.

You should have seen how beautiful the Hospitality Center looked. It was all sparkly… full of twinkly lights and pretty decorations. Marla Burke is our super duper volunteer coordinator, and she and her crew sure were busy!

We couldn't do it without our fantastic volunteers!

Smokin' Smitty's grilled delicious food for Mardi Paws at Animals in Distress

There was all sorts of delicious food, organized by caterer Smokin’ Smitty’s (shown here) in conjunction with several volunteers.

Nancy, Brian, and their crew really outdid themselves with a menu of grilled entrees and veggies. Shrimp cocktail, a huge array of hot and cold appetizers and munchies, almost uncountable desserts and goodies… wow!

We had the largest crowd ever, so more seating was needed for people to eat their meal and just chat. And that is how Cafe Spook was created. Yes… tables and chairs were set up in the cat wing, Purrfect Place, and you should have seen the line-up of felines who watched from the windows of their social rooms as people chowed down on their food. They all loved the company and extra attention.

Some past AID pets also came to the party with their loving owners. Anton, the scene stealing cat who is pictured here also came to strut his stuff. One of the really neat things about adoptions is that many adopting families become volunteers at our shelter. Isn’t that neat? They know better than most the value of our rescue work, since one (or more than one) of our shelter animals is now living with them, like a daily reminder of all of the animals who are still waiting to find a home. Some will probably never get adopted, but that’s ok too, since they are loved and cared for here, at the Kennel of Hope, by our AID “Family.”

Anton was dressed for the Party     A live Dixieland band entertained the guests at Mardi Paws     Cheryl and dog Madeline had a great time at Mardi Paws

Besides the yummy food, there was a silent auction of some really great items. Our volunteers set up the great items in the auction and did a zillion other things to make the night such a success.

And do you know what else? There was even a live Dixieland band! And these guys played so great. Thanks to Ronnie, the drummer, for making all the arrangements – and for volunteering to pet all us cats as well. One of our talented volunteers, Anita, is a photographer, and all of her wonderful pictures prove that a great time was had by all.

Thank you to everyone who came to our party, and to those who helped out by donating auction items or food or those who gave monetary donations. Thanks also to the most amazing, wonderful, caring group of volunteers in the whole world! You give so much of your time and talents for all of the animals and they love you for it!

When you look at the state of the world in all its craziness, it’s really nice to know that the state of world at Animals In Distress is so kind and loving. And that’s because of all of YOU who care so much and give so much love to all of the animals. THANK YOU FOR CARING!


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