Redner's Save-A-Tape Program benefits Animals In DistressThanks to all who send their Redner’s cash register receipts to the shelter. We redeem them for cash. You must go to the Customer Service Desk and obtain a Save-A-Tape card that will allow your tapes to participate in the program. Keep those tapes coming! They are providing a nice stream of income, since we receive 1% of the tapes’ totals, excluding sales tax, milk and cigarette items.

Through the “1% Save-A-Tape” program, Redner’s Markets offers local schools, churches, youth sports teams and other non-profit organizations a way to raise money by collecting register receipts for a 1% rebate on all collected receipts. Through this program alone, Redner’s has donated over 1 million dollars to more than 3,000 non-profit organizations.

Here’s how it works:

Your group (in our case, Animals In Distress) must be a charitable or non-profit organization. Stop at the store office or Customer Service area to get a Save-A-Tape card. By using this card each time you purchase merchandise at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, your receipt will be designated as a Save-A-Tape customer receipt. Drop off your Redner’s receipts at the shelter or mail them to us. We will do the rest to total them and contact Redner’s. They will then be verified and within eight weeks we receive a check for 1% of the total amount of the tapes submitted. (Excluding items controlled by the government such as tax, milk and tobacco products) Laws prohibit discounting tax, milk or tobacco products.

An example of what you can do:

Lets say 50 families have an average of $75.99 per week in supermarket expenditures. If it was all spent at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, and those 50 families saved tapes for a year, Animals In Distress would receive a check for $1,950.00. There is no time limit and no dollar limit. Start saving tapes today and you can help us benefit from this simple, profitable program.